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Whats New at HomeGoods + Mindy Weiss Tips for Entertaining


Now that the sun is ready to shine and spring really has spring it may be time to spruce up your apartment (and update that patio furniture). Recently, I joined HomeGoods for a tour of some of their latest spring/summer offerings all styled by Mindy Weiss. Lots of color in the mix and HomeGoods is definitely going in a more modern direction. I’m especially in love with how beautifully set the dining room table is. It’s so festive and joyous just looking at it. 

Touring HomeGoods with Genevieve Gorder

photo 1

Ready to makeover your apt? I am — no literally, I am! Having just moved into a new space, I’ve been racking my brain over what color to paint the walls, what aesthetic I want to curate for each from. And from there I need to find the actual furniture and accents. In tandem with my recent decor struggles, HomeGoods previewed some of their home furnishing in an event hosted by HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder!

photo 2

Having recently conducted a survey concluding home décor specifically impacts mood amongst Americans, HomeGoods partnered with Genevieve to create “Happy Home Resolutions” a.k.a. simple, yet cost-effective modifications to home décor that can make your home a happier place. Now if only I could buy each room on the spot, my furnishing woes would be over (I never has much luck at my local HomeGoods finding all the amazing pieces they show at these previews — although I always get some great finds). I can’t wait for the day they sell online!

Shopping at HomeGoods…


Amidst being the the process of renovating my apartment, I took a stroll through the spring/summer HomeGoods preview where tragically the display items were not for sale — otherwise my apartment may be done. I’ve always loved HomeGoods but for an item here and a great deal there. I had no idea their furniture offerings were so vast and AMAZING! From dining room chairs to throw pillows to benches… oh and the desk in that last picture is gorgeous! My only complaint was that you can’t order from HomeGoods online to which the team hinted, maybe soon. Keeping my fingers crossed!




Shopping HomeGoods with Carson Kressley

Of all the places and shopping buddies I’ve had, getting to shop HomeGoods with Carson Kressley was probably one of the most memorable shopping dates I’ve had in a while. First off because, I didn’t even know their was a HomeGoods in NYC — it’s right on 99th St. and Columbus, and it’s massive! Secondly, because Carson is every bit as fun, charming and hilarious as you’d expect.

He took me on tour of the store and even picked out a present for me! Now I’m no stranger to HomeGoods or  their sister companies, TJMaxx and Marshalls (all owned by TJX), which I grew up on. All three are great stops for checking just about anyone off your holiday list, however unlike the other two retailers, HomeKids doesn’t have clothing and instead focuses on giftables in the bed + bath, tableware, gourmet kitchen, home office, seasonal, pets, garden and home categories. From kids, to pets, coworkers, friends,