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Everything You Need to Know About Microblading

It doesn’t matter if you like them arched, feathered, straight or bold: eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature and with the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo process known as microblading dream brows are just scrapes away. While you can work some magic with your favorite brow pencil and a nifty little angled brush, there’s a very natural option that delivers semi-permanent results and substantially less effort. Unlike the sometimes unfortunate Sharpie-esque effects of permanent makeup, microblading is more of an intricate embroidery of trompe l’œil strokes that mimics the look of natural hairs.

**Watch Ashely get her brows microbladed! Sorry about the inconsistent volume guys I had a little difficulty editing out some of the background music so I wouldn’t get any copyright issues.**

Admittedly, I was blessed with very full and defined brows but with so much internet buzz and friends asking me about fuller brows and microblading, I decided to enlist and play spectator to my friend Ashley who allowed me to film and watch process. I also had the perfect place. For eyebrow threading, I’ve been going to Hibba of Hibba Beauty NYC for almost 7 years, since she opened her first location in Soho. Now with two additional locations under her belt (Grand Central and Columbus Circle), there’s no one I trust more in the art of shaping then her. Offering all things brows at her brow bars, I set Ashley up for an appointment and grilled her with every question under the sun. You can watch her her second microblading appointment live in the video above! I also had so much brow envy after the second appointment, that I got into the chair for fill in one sparse area that’s been annoying me for some time.  Just proving that this service is great for all level of brows. Here’s Ashley’s before and after and what we learned:

Before Microblading:

After Microblading:WHAT IS MICROBLADING:

Microblading is a form of tattooing but unlike a regular tattoo, it involves pigment being implanted under the skin with a hand held manual tool (basically a small X-ACTO blade looking tool with ink on it) versus a machine. It’s also a smaller blade, and actually to be more technical it isn’t a blade but actually 11 small sharp needles.


The whole thing takes about 15 – 30 minutes when all is said and done including, set up/consultation, mixing of the color and application. The actual time cutting on the brow is about 10 minutes for both brows. First, the ink is custom mixed and applied to the device (again think X-ACTO blade), and then scraped into the brow hairs. Then when the cuts are made a healthy amount of ink is applied over the whole brow (this is the funny part where you look like an angry cartoon character). Then comes the clean up. Numbing cream is also often applied in the beginning depending on pain tolerance.


For most cases 2 appointments. The first should include a consultation where the brow specialist fills in your brows with makeup so you both are on the same page. This is also why going to a brow specialist over a tattoo artist is generally more ideal. Make sure you know what you’re getting past just bringing in a picture.