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The Long and Windy Road to Running the NYC Half Marathon

I’m going to cut to the chase since this turned out to be a rather long post.  So for all of you who would like to be spared the page long story . . . in a nutshell, I ran the New York City Half Marathon (13.1 miles) this morning in 2 hours, and 11 minutes.  My first race ever as well as the longest distance I have ever run (by far) without stopping!  Despite not being able to feel my legs, this was quite possibly one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  How did I get myself into this mess?

My story begins last November at Morandi.  I attended an intimate birthday dinner where one very charming and persuasive ABC weather girl, Heidi Jones managed to convince the entire table of 6 that running the New York City Half Marathon was a great idea.  That is until the next morning when the wine wore off and suddenly the thought of doing 13.1 miles to a bunch of otherwise non-runners seemed doubtful.  Some emails circulated, much grunting was done, but with

2010 New York City Half-Marathon Here I Come!

It’s official — I’ve been accepted to run the 2010 New York City Half-Marathon on March 21st.  Gulp. Time to lace up those shoes and begin training!  Just one problem- there’s a serious risk I might not make it to the finish line.  I can’t seem to make it past 2 miles, and at the speed I run, I may as well be walking.

Fortunately, I have ABC weather girl, Heidi Jones, on the case.  This running superstar, who miraculously convinced me to enter the race, has also agreed to help train me for what could be my biggest failure yet.  As Fredrick Smith said, “Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.”  Well this definitely qualifies as something new.

Please email me any running tips or suggestions.  At this point, there’s very little I won’t try to get this very out of shape body into a 13.1 mile running machine.