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Dove Launches Oxygen Moisture Range to Give Women Hair Confidence


Did you know? 99% of women have resorted to hair “tricks” – from teasing, to fluffing, to tying hair back in a pony or bun – to get the volume they crave? But what do these “tricks” really convey to others about us?

With a little insight from body language expert Vanessa Van Edwards, we learned how to show our most confident selves:

(1) As humans we recognize highly confident individuals by their relaxed, unruffled presence. ‘Hair tricks’ such as flipping, teasing and fluffing, derail a collected demeanor and make women appear frazzled, rattled and out of control.

(2) Most (women) don’t realize that over 60% of our communication is nonverbal, so the more self-assured our gestures and body language are, the more confident we appear and feel.

(3) A strong presence helps others take our ideas more seriously. Without realizing it, women need to know that mindless hair tricks come across as weakness or low-power body language.

(4) Women who rely on hair tricks not only come across as unprofessional, but can also send the wrong signal and indicate flirtation.