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Fun, Corky Gifts for Under $10

Let the holiday gift guides begin! Here are some fun, silly gifts for adults and kids all for under $10. They also make for a great stocking stuffer!1. TO-DO TATTOO ($7)– I found this at the infamous Powell’s bookstore in Portland, Oregon. A temporary tattoo to do list, complete with skin-safe gel pen. Peel it on, then use the pen to write out your to do list. Perfect gag gift (or practical gift in my case) for all your disorganized, flaky or plain forgetful friends. Each pack comes with 12 ‘to do…’ tattoos, perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand, although I generally stick them on my arm. For more information visit worldwidefred.com

2. Risk It/Play it Safe Coin ($4)– It’s genius! A silver, rustic looking coin that on one side has ‘RISK IT’ imprinted on it and on the other ‘PLAY IT SAFE’. For all those moments in question, now you can just flip a coin and leave it to fate. This is somewhat an iconic gift I give to the very special men in my life –who may or may not happen to make reckless or irresponsible decisions, and need a little voice of reason.  I like to