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Meet the Ladies of Pylones

The most common questions you’ll hear me ask in my apartment (mostly to myself) are where’s my nail file? Tweezers? Nail clippers? Tape? Scissors? It feels like no matter how many pairs of each I own, in my moment of need they are no where to be found.  Well thanks to my new friends from Pylones some of my problems are solved.

Pylone’s line of grooming products, which includes a tweezer and nail file set, both have a suction cup to adhere to your bathroom mirror, not only has made me more organized but are also so cute!  The suction cup allows you to hang the product either upright or vertical (see picture) for your convenience and really brightens up my bathroom.  The Tweezers ($12) come in 7 different lady choices, the nail file ($15) in 8, all in various ethnicities, costumes and hair colors.  Both measure roughly 1” in base, 4” in height.  They are also incredibly purse-friendly should you be so charmed by these ladies you should want to put them in your makeup case.  However, if you have my