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Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm: You Make Me Blush

The Freedom Glow Beauty Balm (in Sunkissed) was my introduction to Revolution Organics, a very impressive product.  This versatile balm can be used on lips, eyes, and cheeks; all in a one convenient stick.

Great for medium skin tones, Sunkissed is the perfect shade for me!  It’s peachy-pink with a light shimmer, that lets you build color to adjust to your desired shade.  For cheeks (my primary use for the balm), I apply a small amount during the day along my cheekbone for a nice, sun-kissed natural glow.  For more of a classic blush look, I apply a stronger stroke, which brings out more of the pink tones to the peach.  Plus it’s easy blend formula makes it effortless to keep cheeks even (and wipe off any excess if you apply too much).  For eyes, I like to use a single stroke under my eyebrows for a nice highlighting shimmer effect, which not only brings out my eyes, but