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Trend Alert: Floral Finds Under $50!

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1. Floral Print Wedge Sandals $30 at Forever 21 2. LOVE Floral Print Cropped Tee $30 at River Island  3. Kate Spade Hello Sunshine Floral iPhone Case $40 at Neiman Marcus 4. Hippie Laundry Floral Denim Cutoff Shorts $19 at Tillys 5. Vase– Threshold Honeycomb Vase $12.99 at Target

Fictional fashion icon Miranda Priestly said it best “Florals. For Spring? Groundbreaking” Clearly dripping with sarcasm this states the obvious, we aren’t reinventing the wheel when we look to this as a trend in the warm weather months.  Every spring we

3 Top Trends for Spring {Sponsored}

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing some of the biggest trends for spring and how you can get the look at Target. To recap we’ve talked about how to style polka dots, dip dye (aka ombre) and it colors for spring, corals and aqua. Here’s a review as well as a new introduction into my #1 favorite trend of the season… florals!

1. Florals – I have thought of nothing else since Drew Barrymore was on Katie Couric last week in an amazing floral print pant. This is my absolute favorite trend of the season. It’s happy and fun and adds a beautiful pop of color. The trend doesn’t stop at pants, we’re seeing the print on everything from dresses and skirts to jackets and accessories so my advice is to let the flowers shine. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and either do a black, white, or jeans combination with it or pick a non-dominating color from the print and incorporate a solid version of that shade as the matching top or bottom. For example, if you do a flower jacket (as seen below), you can do a light blue shade to pick up the tone from one of the flowers. If you want to add a stronger pop of color, do so in your accessories, makeup or sunnies to bold out the look.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 7.25.29 AM