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Blood Donors Needed! Help Make a Difference

Back in January, I tried to do my part in the Haiti earthquake relief efforts, by writing a post listing five easy ways individuals could get involved and help and pledged to do them all.  One of the ways listed was to donate blood.  Earlier I received a phone call from the Red Cross saying “I’d like to talk to you about your blood donation in January”.  Naturally, I stopped dead in my tracks and panicked; I thought the only reason the Red Cross calls was if there was something wrong with your blood.  I was wrong.  She continued with, “Are you aware that there’s currently a shortage of all blood types in NYC but especially 0+, and with just one donation you can help as many as three people? Can we count on you to make a donation?”

My answer was most definitely yes! Although I recommended they open with “We need your help” when making these types of