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It’s All In The Wand!

There have been some really great, innovative products to recently come onto the market. And I attribute their design and wands to making them so effective and user friendly. Here are some of my new favorites!

1. John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer ($9.99) – John Frieda’s International Creative Consultant and celebrity stylist, Harry Josh presented this product at an event I attended and shared a styling tip–putting hairspray on a toothbrushes then brushing it back to tame flyaways. Although thanks to the new Touch-up Flyaway Tamer, there’s a considerably easier and more convenient way to deal with flyaways (especially for us every-day folks). With similar packaging to a mascara, you just brush away the flyaways using the tamer wand and voila, they are slicked back! It’s not sticky or heavy, easy to apply and lasts for a few hours. It’s the perfect addition to my makeup case for any quick touch-ups I need throughout the day, especially in this heat!

2. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure ($6.99) – Sally Hansen has been blowing it out of the water with all of their new and very innovative launches this year (hello Crackle and Salon Effects!) and I’m all about their Complete Salon Manicure collection. It’s all 5 steps of a manicure (base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color and top coat) in 1 bottle. And it works! I’ve been rocking their Eel Skin shade (from their Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen spring line) for the past few weeks and my nails are noticeably stronger! It has a thick wand, which makes it surprisingly easier to apply and I can cover my entire nail with two swipes. And I Iove the coverage –2 coats to a perfect manicure. All that’s missing is the hand massage.

3. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara ($10) – I admit I don’t need this product. My lower lashes are actually quite long but there are plenty who do; including my 16-year old little sister, who wanted to try it. And who better to test how easy to use and how good this product is then a picky, opinionated beauty-obsessed teenager? I equipped her with a wand and she came out of the bathroom with long, perfectly separated lashes and

James Vincent Presents The Makeup Show 2011 in NYC

If you’re in the beauty world or aspire to be a makeup artist you by now you should know about The Makeup Show. And if you don’t, visit their website right now! Now in their 6th year, The Makeup Show is a two-day exhibition that takes place in NY, LA, Chicago and Europe, and exposes guests to some of the top artists, brands, workshops, seminars and is the best go-to resource for how to get started in this industry. It’s also one of the only times top brands, including NARS Cosmetics, MAKE UP FOR EVER, YSL, Stila… will offer their products at a discount (it’s a good time to stock up).


Last night, James Vincent, the Director of Education and Artist Relations for The Makeup Show hosted a blogger preview party, and gave us bloggers some fun goodies to try. He also introduced The Makeup Show and it’s importance to makeup artists everywhere (watch the video above). The only item in the gift bag I’ve tried thus far is MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Aqua Liner, which I’m currently having a love affair with. I received a few samples from them last week and all I can say is if you’re  a liquid liner fan this is a must-try! It’s so easy to use and waterproof. This liner got me through all the beaches and pools in Acapulco. And now that I’m back in NY, and it’s raining buckets, but my eyeliner is staying put!

Following the blogger preview party, The Makeup Show hosted a makeup art exhibition, “New York Groove, A Gallery of Makeup Art”. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Creative & Artistic Director Dany Sanz took the cake in the performance and live art she developed. Sanz created three different looks (in human marionette form); a Ballerina, a Rockette and a Chorus Line dancer. Now much more NY can you get? Check out the performance!

The Make Up Show NYC – May 15 – May 16th at the Metropolitan Pavilion – 125 West 18th Street

For more information visit themakeupshow.com