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Katie Saxton’s 5 Tips for Healthier Nails NOW

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Nail trends and care expert, and President of Custom Nail Solutions, Katie Saxton shares her 5 tips on how you can keep your nails healthy and in tip-top shape this season:

1. Moisturize the Cuticles: To keep your cuticles in tip-top shape throughout the spring season, soak fingertips (making sure to cover the entire cuticle area) in olive oil for 10 minutes. Massage the oil in and leave on, or wash hands after ten minutes and apply a good hand cream. Olive oil performs moisturizing magic and will keep your cuticles looking pristine and fabulous.

2. Use A Nail Buffer: This spring, buff your nails regularly to

Tips to keep your nails healthy and strong

It’s winter and weather we like it or not these tough conditions take quite a toll on our hair, skin and nails. While I plan on posting some regular content on counteract some of these dryness symptoms, Nail Beauty Expert Katie Saxton of Custom Nail Solutions shared some great tips with me on how to keep your nails strengthened and conditioned during these cold months.


  • Take in calcium, iron, protein, and vitamins A, B, C and D and your nails will gradually grow stronger and healthier.
  • Eat the right foods. Try fish, chicken, eggs, cheese, milk and plenty of fruits and vegetables. These are also great foods to keep you healthy overall!
  • Take in a lot of biotin.


  • Scheduling regular manicures is crucial during the winter months if you want healthy nails. You can schedule in-salon manicures, or do them at home. Both work as long as you are doing them consistently.
  • File, buff and massage the nails.