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The Best Time to Buy… Everything!

I find it so annoying when I make a big purchase, and then see the same item is on sale the next month! Which is why I thought I’d share this article on About.com which lists all the good times to buy just about anything by month.

Here’s a look at January:



  • Chocolate (Christmas clearance)
  • Soda
  • Oatmeal
  • Diet foods
  • Frozen finger foods

For the complete month-by-month guide on About.com, click HERE.

Additionally, If you’re purchasing from a larger retailer like Macy’s, I recommend going to their website to see if they have posted any additional in-store or online coupons for some extra savings. And if something catches your eye while shopping, putting it on hold (or break out the smart phone) and run a quick search on the item to see if it’s cheaper to purchase it with one of their competitor. Plus most retailers will match prices if you show them the listing.