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PC & IHC Featured on Beauty Stat!

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Lately, I feel like I have one exciting announcement after another — with much more to come! I have so much to share with you guys but for right now I’m so delighted that Beauty Stat asked to feature me on their site and talk about my “Tomgirl’s Guide to Beauty”. As some of you know I started the style blog, In His Clothes, where one item of each look is either mens or menswear inspired, while the rest of the outfit is free game.

Tomgirl is a term I coined this year when I started the blog, which unlike tomboy style (which is all about dressing like the boys), Tomgirl style is borrowing from them but keeping a feminine edge. I like to think of it as boy meets girl – converse with dresses, motorcycle jackets over flowy skirts, heels with boyfriend jeans… You get my drift. And since beauty plays a big role in everything I do from a bold lip to a matte nail, read my tomgirl’s guide on BeautyStat.com to learn my must-have products! (The image above is just the intro, you have to click HERE to see my picks!)



Win these 5 Physicians Formula Top #PFSummerGlow Products {Giveaway}

physicians formula giveaway

Last week I joined BeautyStat along with Celebrity Makeup Artist Joanna Schlip, and blogger, Aly Walansky for Physicians Formula‘s #PFSummerGlow Twitter Party. During our chat we gave makeup tips and answered participants questions as well as gave away loads of products! Since the theme was all about getting your summer glow on (hence the hashtag #PFSummerGlow), here’s Beauty Stat and PF’s top product recommendations for sexy siren eyes and bronzed bombshell skin:

Making Scents with Sue Phillips

Our hosts! Sue Phillips and Charu

What’s a dinner party without bergamot, lavender and saffron? Well those we’re just some of the ingredients that lined the table at my good friend, and talented travel/beauty writer Charu from ButterflyDiary.com‘s recent event. The main course? Fragrance. Custom fragrance to be exact –or perhaps that would qualify as the dessert. Before creating a signature scent, my fellow guests and I (including legendary astrologer, Susan Miller! freak out) went on a fragrance journey.

And who better to guide us through the expedition then renowned fragrance expert and perfumer, Sue Phillips, founder of Scenterprises. We began with a multiple choice quiz –what types of fabrics we like, our favorite season, which film icons we most admire… the usual stuff one could use to forecast our fragrance preferences (huh?). Mine pegged me as someone into fresh scents and floral/citrus notes (so true! Isn’t that what I’m always telling all of you!?!?). I do love me a simple, clean, fresh fragrance!  What’s better then the crisp smell in the air after a rainstorm? Or the smell of pine through the forest, gardenias in the summer or anything lavender?

We then discussed composition. Fragrances are constructed by three types of notes, TOP (the first impact note that comes of out the initial spritz and quickly dissipates), MIDDLE (also referred to as the hard note and lasts 2-3 hours) and BASE (which lingers the longest ranging 3-5 hours). Placed on blotter strips (which are used as a neutral way to evaluate scents), the group proceeded to smell a variety of