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Tie One Off Father’s Day Set From Votre Vu

Post by Mike Twombly

Every year, the weeks leading up to Father’s Day are the same. You struggle with what to buy him, and eventually just break down and ask. But if your father is anything like mine, he’ll probably tell you he doesn’t need anything that badly, and that anything you can come up with will be fine. One suggestion to save yourself that headache is to get him something that he wouldn’t normally choose for himself – especially something that will be an upgrade to some of the things he already uses everyday. That’s just what Votre Vu had in mind with their ‘Tie One Off‘ Father’s Day Set.

The set features four different products, all designed to indulge your dad and help him look his best. Let’s start with the Ten Gauge energy shot – a fresh and flavorful juice drink for the morning, after work or the gym. Amazingly, in only 30 calories they packed in many all natural healthy supplements including B Vitamins, Selenium, Yerba Mate extract and Sea Buckthorn. This blend will both energize dad and help maintain his virility, something he wouldn’t be celebrating Father’s Day without! *cringe*

Most Dads love simplicity, and a product like Votre Vu’s ‘Formula 1 Hair, Face, and Body Wash’ (3.0 fl. oz) will definitely please even the