Party for a Cause – Do You Really Need More Stuff?

Take a queue from Scott Harrison (Founder of charity: water) and Sean Parker (Napster Co-Founder, Founding President of Facebook, Chairman and Co-Founder of Causes) and consider asking your friends to donate to a worthy cause instead of gifts.


Founded by Scott Harrison, charity: water is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean and safe drinking water to people globally. He launched this project on his birthday in September 2006, and asked guests to donate $15 instead of giving him presents.  That evening, Scott raised $15,000, and charity: water was born. It’s been a recurring event ever since.  This birthday campaign has become such a success, between Scott’s birthday and those who followed suit, they were able to raise $965,000.

charity ball

Join Scott Harrison and host Adrian Grenier for the charity: ball 2009. Monday, December 14th, 7pm.  For more information and to buy tickets click HERE

Don’t have the funds? Donate your time (or both). Charity Water is always looking for volunteers.  That’s what I’m doing, so I hope you’ll join me at the charity: ball or at future volunteer nights. Visit for more information.



In celebration of his birthday, Sean Parker threw a benefit for Malaria No More, the non-profit organization dedicated to ending malaria deaths, by asking for donations instead of gifts.

Let’s help Sean reach his goal of $50,000 by donating at, and to learn more about the cause visit

On a beauty note, Sean has really good taste in skin care, sporting Molton Brown’s Naran Ji Fine Liquid Hand Wash and Soothing Hand Lotion in his guest bathroom.  A celebrity studded birthday and I’m taking pictures of his hand soap…go figure!

A Night to Remember…

Lara Eurdolian, Francois Nars, Simon Doonan

Having recently ordered Francois Nars’ latest book NARS 15×15, I could not pass up the opportunity to see the man behind the brand that began my career in beauty almost 5 years ago (and I wanted my book signed!). So I began my evening at Barneys, where Mr. Nars (alongside Simon Doonan) was more than gracious with his time and appreciation for my past work with NARS. Having the opportunity to see Francois Nars again and reunite with some of the makeup artists and NARS team was very special for me.


He signed my book ‘For Lara, with many thanks and love, Francois Nars’! My copy and I are going to have a very long and loving life together. The book is stunning and the proceeds will be donated to 15 charities selected by the featured celebrities.

KAWS Holiday Invitation-1

I then made my way to the Kiehl’s Since 1851 Flagship Store to celebrate the holidays with

Some Jolly with a Little Folly for the Holiday

fun kits jepg

With the holidays around the corner, here are 3 of my favorite fun, but practical gag gifts that work for almost every girl, plus they come with a good laugh.

1. Miss Oops! Holiday Survival Kit

Miss Oops is a super fun brand with a wide array of cheeky but practical beauty and fashion saving, problem-solving products for all of those ‘oopsie!’ moments in your life.

The Holiday Survival Kit from Miss Oops is a fabulous set of must haves including:

  • Rescue Sponge – perfect for getting out pesky stains including deodorant marks or fresh make-up powder off your clothes. No water needed.
  • Travel size lint roller – you never know whose cat you’ll meet at that holiday party, and now you don’t have to worry about it (unless you’re allergic).
  • Mishap Tape – a set of 36 strips in two widths, this fabric friendly, hypoallergenic tape repairs hanging hems, gaping blouses, and keeps bra straps in place. So don’t worry about a wardrobe malfunction (I’m looking at you Janet Jackson).

Packaged in a fun to go box, this gift is great for any girl on the go. Plus each product is nice and compact so they fit easily in your purse.

Suggested Retail Price: $18

For more information visit

2. On the Cuff

I got On the Cuff in a gift bag and had no idea what it was. They look like little floats made of sponges! So after conducting a quick online investigation, it became clear that they are basically sponge bracelets (ahem, their terminology is ‘cuff made of a unique stretch material’) you wear, while rinsing your face, doing the dishes, or washing your car to prevent water from running down your arms.

While it seems like a completely hilarious invention, it’s also genius and practical. I’m a major victim of water dripping down my sleeves so this made my day.

Price of 1 pair: $7.99

For more information visit

3. Foot Petals Luxury Kit

This gift by Foot Petals is perfect for the shoe maven in your life; packed with an assortment of foot cushions and freshness spray, this set will help keep the comfort in and the blisters at bay so you can dance the night away this season.

The Luxury Kit includes (products also sold separately):

  • Heavenly Heelz – A multi-functional foot cushion that can be used to prevent your heels from slipping out of your shoes
  • Strappy StripesNo more sling back straps digging into the backs of your ankles! Help is here with this preventative adhesive cushion.
  • Tip Toe – the cushion that helps prevents your foot from sliding forward. This is especially perfect for those high-heeled shoes, since it’s never particularly attractive (or comfortable) to have your foot scrunched in the front with visible room in the back of your shoe.
  • Sweaty Pedi – A perfect spray to keep your feet dry and fresh. The name may not be so attractive, and the vanilla smell is a little overwhelming (although it does fade shortly after contact), I’m willing to overlook these shortcomings, considering this product delivers. I’ve sprayed it on my feet before going to the gym and before going out for the evening, and hours later, my feet stayed dry and in fact, were rather soft.

Suggested Retail Price: $39.95

For more information (and a variety of alternate great holiday foot sets and products), visit