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Australia Welcomes Sephora at Sydney Pitt St Mall

sephora opening sydney

It started with a countdown — one much larger then the counting clock on their door — the long awaited opening of the first Sephora location in Australia. While it was announced in April the world’s biggest retailer would be opening in Sydney, it wasn’t until this past Friday it opened it’s doors at the Pitt St Mall. And the crowd went wild! The line since the opening (just to get in the front door) have been so insane they had to create a barricade around the proximity to secure the line and hire multiple security guards to monitor the coming in and out process.

Feminist Hacker Barbie: Fighting Misogyny with Misandry?

As an avid news reader and tech enthusiast, I stumbled across the story of Feminist Hacker Barbie. For those who don’t know, a story was written in the 90’s that was to portray Barbie as a programmer and game developer. However, when you read the story it is very disappointing to find that Barbie is portrayed as incompetent and dependent on men to solve her problems.