Black Lives Matter: National Resources List

With a heavy heart, I write this blog post. Like many of you I feel an overwhelming weight of sadness over the state of our country. I’m sad that it’s 2020 and racism still exists. I’m sad that we’re in a pandemic, and families are struggling, kids are out of school, hunger relief programs need our support, small business are going under and our economy is at the brink of collapsing, the planet is deteriorating and we are only now having a serious conversation around Black Lives Matter and that police brutality is not okay. So here’s a quick list:

The other note I’ll make is to ask your black friends questions. The amount of fear to speak up out of the potential to be attacked is breeding silence. So ask questions. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to one of your friend then Instagram is an amazing tool as well, DM someone you admire in the black community. Open up. Say something along the lines of I admire your you and your posts, I’m trying to have more conversations with my community, is this statement okay? Or I don’t understand x, y, z can you help explain it to me, I’m working to educate myself and be a bigger ally.

Other ways to help!

Click:, it’s a detailed list of petitions to sign, cars to send and donate in honor of Breonna Taylor.

Data shows that implementing these 8 use-of-force policies could reduce police violence by 72%. Please visit, to find out chich of these policies are already in effect and which are not in your city.

If you’re looking for petitions to sign and where to donate, the above is a great place to start.

I’m also making donations to Black Girl Ventures which created access to social and financial capital for Black/Brown women founders.

Shop black owned fashion and beauty brands. made a list of 233+ black-owned and founded beauty and wellness brands, and a respective 87+ Black-Owned Fashion Brands to know list.

Cosmopolitan put out several great resources from How to Protest if You Can’t Be There in Person, How You Can Demand Justice and Support Protestors, and How to Talk to Your Parents About Black Lives Matter. They also did a comprehensive list of 125 Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support.

I’ll continue to add resources and by all means please feel free to DM @prettyconnected or email great articles and resources so we can continue the conversation.