We’re Hosting a Virtual Beauty Sale for Covid Relief Funds

Who wants to play in my beauty closet? Virtually of course, I’m going to do a beauty sale with all the net proceeds going to various causes starting with this fundraiser for emergency food for families living in Queens!

The sale will feature 50 new items from my beauty closet that goes live Thursday, May 14 at 9am HERE (the sale will not be active before this date/time).

For anyone that would like to be notified of the sale in advance and be added to the mailing list for future sales, sign up HERE.


A big part of the Pretty Connected brand and @prettyconnected platform is sustainability and give back programs as it relates to beauty. And with the pandemic affecting so many, I was getting tons of requests to promote various gofundme causes. After donating to Feeding America, Social Tees, masks for the medical community, and additional hunger relief programs I was having a tough time financially keeping up and asking my followers to keep donating with so many in need. After launching a give back program with Loop & Tie, a customer gifting program to donate part of my beauty closet to frontline workers, teachers and community leaders that was filled in mere hours after posting to my social channels (we had expected it to run for weeks), I realized I could connect the demand for beauty products and donations to make a bigger impact. Having tons of mailers and beauty products in my office, I decided the best way to make an impact and give back was to host a virtual beauty sale with all of the net proceeds going to various causes starting with my community in Queens to provide emergency food to families in need. I will be hosting an on-going sales throughout this crisis. Thank you to everyone that participates!