Sending Beauty Gifts + Positivity with Loop & Tie

Today, I’m launching a new program with Loop & Tie to help spread some cheer. I have donated 100 beauty and skincare products from my beauty closet to play fairy beauty godmother and gift my followers in need of a little positivity and joy.

Loop & Tie is an engagement platform allowing the recipient to choose the product or experience they actually want. Commonly used for corporate gifting, I’m the first beauty blogger they are partnering and non-brand to do a test program where they have collected my unused, new beauty items and created a limited number of exclusive kits 25+ gifts (each gift has 2-3 surprise products in it) that I will be giving out.

Having been in the beauty industry for over 15 years I’m no stranger to the joy of giving away beauty product to my friends, family and followers. It always astounds me the reaction I get, no matter how “not into beauty” someone is. Anyone I’ve every surprised has lit up! If you’d like to nominate someone feel free to DM me @prettyconnected. Especially for anyone in the front lines and teachers. I am allocating a number of gifts to these heroes. I also want to reward anyone doing awesome Earth Day initiatives or committing to make changes or helping their community. 

Today is Earth Day and Loop & Tie and I originally planned to launch this program as a way to keep the products in my beauty closet in circulation. On March 2nd (pre-pandemic), you might remember the post I did on beauty waste and sustainability that went viral, and hopefully influenced the beauty industry to be more mindful.  Loop & Tie saw the post and asked to meet with me and see what we could do to curb the amount of waste and help recirculate these products. 

With a goal of working with brands to handle their mailers and gifting in a more eco-conscious way, I agreed to do a test program and gift 100+ products I wasn’t using. This could be anything from hair products that weren’t right for my hair type to makeup products that weren’t my shade or amazing products like sheet masks and skincare I just had too many of. 

While the planet is always on my mind, and this is still a green initiative, we’ve pivoted to focus the product on random gifting I’ll be doing as I see people in need of cheering up. And by all means I’m open to your suggestions, feel free to nominate friends and family. Beauty might not be able to help people the way I wish it could between health, finances and feeding so many in need, but it can hopefully put a smile on someone’s face and offer an escape.  

As many of you know I donate the majority of my beauty closet to Share Your Beauty, a program I started with the non-profit, Family-to-Family to donate products to shelters around NYC and the tri-state area. As our office is currently closed this is a wonderful way to engage with all of you and also reward some of our everyday heroes making a difference in our communities. 

How it works is when I pick someone, I’ll DM you and ask you to send me your email. From there you’ll receive an email inviting you to pick your gift from 3 themed kits available. You’ll then redeem the gift (free of charge and shipping included) and your package will be on it’s way!

I know this is a tough time for us all, and I’m in no way exempt. And while I long for the day I get to go home and reopen my office, I’m so grateful for social media and all of you for helping me stay connected.

Stay safe. xoLara