6 Things You Can Do Right Now To Better Yourself From Home

To everyone that spent the past decade telling me I’m so lucky I get to work from home, welcome to my world. Grass is always greener, hair flip for keeping my sanity. If you’re feeling a big stir crazy, take a moment and use this time as an opportunity. Here’s 5 things you can do right now to better yourself:

6 Things You Can Do Right Now:

Outfit details: Veronica Sheaffer bow headband, Eliza J Jumpsuit, Valentino Sunglasses c/o Sunglass Hut, Lagos Apple Watch, Roxanne Assoulin bracelets, LarAllan bag
  1. Try on everything in your wardrobe, see what fits and figure out what you want to keep, donate or sell – maybe it’s time to start that @ebay + @poshmark account. Also playing dress up is really fun! The only people that saw this outfit were on the balcony with me. Balcony fashion show for party of 2 anyone?
  2. Try a new workout. @toniquemethod, @janedo, @305fitness, @dancebody, @rumble and most every other studio is creating some type of at home option. Free trials galore right now. Also @womenshealthmag is doing live workouts as well! Get in on it! Also a fun activity with kids.
  3. Make a vision board/to do list. Include big goals like create a media kit, update your resume, start a business, podcast… or in my case research the children’s book world – agents, publishers, and general people in my network I can reach out to for advice. Considering everyone for the most part is self quarantined this is a great time to DM strangers or reach out over linkedin for help. Phone calls are the new ask a stranger to coffee.
  4. Organize your taxes – I’m mostly talking to myself with this one because I need to get the ball rolling. But make that to do list of everything you’ve been trying to accomplish and take advantage of the downtime to do it.
  5. Call/FaceTime your friends and family. Text people you’d love to reconnect with and check in on them. I’ve never had a ton of free time to do this and catching up with old friends and calling my parents everyday has been such a blessing. For me this is a morning activity as I have my coffee and a great way to start my day.
  6. Enhance yourself! Take a class, Brit.co/learn (code SELFCARE) is comping all classes on their site, painting, photography, investing courses… So much to choose from! Join a book club, both Book Babes and Marie Claire have virtual ones, download a podcast, mediate (@calm @journey @headspace all come recommended also spotify has a ton for free. Take a cooking class off YouTube. The world is your oyster, or at least the internet makes it feel that way.

Ask for recommendations. I’m currently accepting all TV, podcast, and general fun/life enhancing recommendations. Leave a comment or DM me @prettyconnected, would love your advice!