TRU NIAGEN: Kept Me Going and Going and Going

It’s been six weeks since I posted this photo on Instagram announcing I was testing out TRU NIAGEN, and I’m happy to announce the results today!

As many of you know, I had a milestone birthday this year and one of my commitments was to take better care of mind and body. When TRU NIAGEN approached me, I did a ton of research including consulting my Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Nadia (@_drnadia). She encouraged me to try it, telling me that NAD research was fascinating and her clients have had great results. And believe me, I’m excited about TRU NIAGEN.

With stellar reviews (I mean if you Google it, the internet is obsessed), TRU NIAGEN is an ‘age better, live better’ supplement that contains a unique form of vitamin B3 proven to increase NAD levels..  

NAD is essential for healthy cellular function and aids in our body’s metabolism (converting food to energy at the cellular level). This molecule helps our cells produce energy to keep them functioning at their best. As we age, our NAD levels decline due to certain stressors. TRU NIAGEN is clinically-proven to safely increase NAD levels. And an added bonus is the pills are vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and caffeine-free.

Now I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a vegetarian, which generally means I am vitamin-deficient, but I had a crazy, amazing experience with TRU NIAGEN from day one. I’ve tried other holistic ways in the past to boost my health, including vitamin B12 shots and various supplements and not seen a quarter of the results these two little pills supply.  From the first day I started taking TRU NIAGEN I noticed a measurable difference in my energy levels.

Tru Niagen NAD supplement review

Usually, I burn out around 6-8pm when the sun goes down and have a lethargic heaviness weighing me down. Since taking TRU NIAGEN, I blow right through my usual down time with sustained energy provided by my happy cells.. Even more impressive is that I take the supplement in the morning and it amazingly helps keep me on point all day long.  Each day I’ve taken the pills, the results wow me. I had read similar reviews online but the skeptic in me didn’t think anything could work so fast. Six weeks later, I call myself the Energizer Bunny. Move over little pink bunny, I’m not slowing down either…

The increased cellular energy and muscle recovery support after working out were noticeable. Some users have reported more physical effects on aging, which I can’t make a full assessment of yet and like all good things, will take time to see. I’ve had an incredibly sleep deprived, stressful month gearing up for some major distribution of my brand, and all I know is that TRU NIAGEN has sustained me through the chaos.  This pill is my own little backup charger and I plan on using it for a good long while. Considering we lose up to 50% of our NAD levels between the ages of 40 and 60, giving our cells what they need to keep us from experiencing the decline of age is worth getting on top of sooner rather than later.

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Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with TRU NIAGEN, opinions are my own