Elizabeth Hurley + Estee Lauder Companies #TimeToEndBreastCancer Campaign

Earlier this month I kicked of Breast Cancer Awareness month with Elizabeth Hurley and Estee Lauder Companies, who done so much incredible work and fundraising over the decades. Interesting fact: Evelyn Lauder co-founded the pink ribbon campaign for breast cancer in 1992, now whenever I put on a pink ribbon, I’ll think of her and her legacy.

GET INVOLVED: For every post with the hashtags #TimeToEndBreastCancer and #elcdonates, Estée Lauder is donating $25 to cancer research. To date they have raised $76 million dollars since the start of Eveyln’s bca campaign 26 years ago. Every 19 seconds someone is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Learn more at elcompanies.com/our-commitments/the-breast-cancer-campaign


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