Unfiltered Fashion Show with Jessica Abo

Probably one of my favorite parts of being in this digital space is the incredible opportunities it brings and the people with it. Last week, I had the honor of walking in Jessica Abo’s show New York Fashion Week show during Style360 in partnership with IVY. Jessica wrote the book, Unfiltered: How to Be as Happy as You Look on Social Media, which sold out even before her appearance on Kathie Lee and Hoda. (Don’t worry it’s back in stock now, Amazon got me my order fast…). It was recently named #1 on Women’s Health Magazine’s list of self-love books. You can read more about her awesomeness HERE.

Outfit details: Sunglass Hut Ray-Ban indoor/outdoor glasses, Boohoo jeans, Stella McCartney Cooper Elyse Star Shoes, Pretty Connected Lara Chain with Sony Mirrorless A6000

For her book launch, Jessica Abo brought together entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators and influnencers to walk down the runway wearing token phrases/advice from her book. Not to mention Jonah Platt opened the show with a musical performance and then walked in it!

The show was live streamed by Entrepreneur, who Abo has a web series with, and also published her book. My shirt said “Just Keep Going”, which is literally my mantra and advice for everything. Whether life builds you up or knocks you down, keep going. When you’re tired rest, but don’t quit. I get messages all the time from people wanting to do what I do and what they don’t realize is it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and it’s amazing but not easy. Having commitment and passion for what you do and also finding new ways to think bigger and grow your relationships is how you evolve. Not by watching people social media and wishing it would happen. I wish it was that simple. And when I read Jessica Abo’s bio and her commitment to the world, people, her journalistic integrity, I know there is no one more deserving of all the greatness that’s coming her way.

I used to live in a box, and then I heard Rosario Dawson speak at an event about how you don’t have to say no all the time, if there’s something she wants to do, she’ll do it all. And that changed my way of thinking. I stopped talking about how much waste there was in the beauty industry and did something to change it. And with the help of my network I created a non-profit “Share Your Beauty” program for brands, editors and individuals to donate their unused samples and beauty products to women and homeless shelters. We’ve helped 120,000 beauty products that might otherwise have been thrown out or destroyed get donated. When I couldn’t find a chic camera strap to go to events in, I made my own. And then I waited for someone to make a cooler strap and when that didn’t happen, I started my line. Now it’s a full range of accessories and for the second season of fashion week, I got to strut down the runway wearing my camera strap! Magical things happen when you try new things and go for it! It doesn’t come from trying to be like the person to your left and the person to your right, those roles are taken. Also these are just parts of my brand, my day to day involves so much more. So my best advice is, JUST KEEP GOING.

Everyone in the photo below has inspired me with their warmth and positivity. Literally, I’m still googling who everyone is that walked, and all I can say is I’m so impressed by the company I kept down the catwalk. Cheers to you Jessica and your fantastic book!

Model squad

Thank you for having me be apart of the show! xoLara

Check out her book on amazon.com