Make It Happen: My podcast episode with Avon is Live!

lara eurdolian beauty bossThey say empowered women, empower women and there’s no greater example of women’s strength and unity then that of Avon. Since the company came about in 1886, they have built a strong community built on women’s empowerment, financial independence and giving back. All things that are deeply routed in my brand. As some of you know I started one of the first beauty blogs in NYC, have a beauty charity where we’ve donated over 115,000 beauty products to shelters and I also my own accessories line. What you might not know is that my blogging journey started when I was consulting in marketing for Avon. The brand taught me so much about being an entrepreneur and giving back that things came full circle for me when avon asked me to be one of their first guests on their new podcast series ‘Make it Happen: Powered by Avon‘.

The show will feature their top-selling representatives and industry insiders for powerful storytelling and inspirational advice. Bringing together some serious beauty boss’ the show is all about entrepreneurism, success stories, the wins, the fails and candid obstacles we all face in light of launching new ventures and growing our brands.

Hosted by Eva deAngelis, Executive Director of Sales Development at Avon, you can catch our talk in episode 5: “Building Your Brand – Staying Connected and Standing Out in a Crowded Space: Beauty Influencer, Lara Eurdolian”.

On a personal note, it means the world to be apart of this iconic beauty brand’s new venture. They stand and represent so much that I believe in. I launched my accessories line (shown above against some of my favorite Avon products) because I believe in all of their beauty boss’ out there, Avon and the immense contribution to the world.

In case you don’t know how BOSS Avon is already aside for creating such high quality, amazing, affordable products. The brand has also donated over $1 billion in more than 50 countries through their Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program led by the Avon Foundations and their infamous Avon Walk for Breast Cancer has raised over $800 million towards research and care.

In case you’re wondering about some of my favorite Avon products (there are many!) but LOVE their bold lipsticks, I use a few different ones but my power pink is shade Pink Punch (on sale for $5!). They also just launched some insanely amazing highlighters, I use their Dazzle Drops in shade Sunkissed with is a buildable light to intense lightligher drops (swatched in the middle), and their Illuminating Stick in Rose Gold to the right which looks amazing on medium skin tone. Another grand, old school favorite Avon product is Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard plus SPF 30. It’s the best when you travel! I’m headed to Miami for Swim Week and it’s one of my top products to pack.

You can catch Avon’s ‘Make it Happen: Powered by Avon‘ podcast series on and also in iTunes and Google Play.