Have a Bold Idea? Here’s your Chance to Win an $18,500 Grant

Two of my favorite things on a very short list, coffee and entrepreneurship. So when the two unite for an unforgettable contest and bring Alexis Ohanian and an $18,500 grant in the mix, this is one for the books. As someone who just launched an accessories line and has expenses coming out of every corner, this is absolutely awesome and probably the perfect base number to fund the start of an idea. Ohanian as many of you know is the co-founder of Reddit and Initialized Capital and also Mr. Serena Williams and Armenian so he’s kind of the coolest in my book. And you have a chance to have him mentor you so especially if this is a tech idea, you’re going to want to get in on it.

1850 Brand Coffee did a live taping with Ohanian to talk entrepreneurship, start-ups  and to announce their Bold Pioneer contest. Click this link to watch the Facebook Live.

As for the contest, here it is. 1850 Brand Coffee is launching a “Bold Pioneer” contest, encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their bold ideas forward and allow their passions to become their purpose. Do you have your elevator pitch on lockdown? If so, you’re invited to share your enterprising idea for a chance to be selected as a finalist to win a grand prize of $18,500 and mentoring session with Alexis Ohanian. Entries are open through August 28, 2018 via Instagram and Twitter with a video entries using #1850BoldContest. Learn more at https://www.1850coffee.com/contest-rules

Good luck!