Advanced Clinicals Activated Charcoal Peel-Off Mask + the Face Cream I Use on My Hands

advanced clinicals charcoal mask

You guys know how much I love that charcoal! From toothpaste to powders, face masks and foot pads (I even used to ingest capsules at one point), it works wonders to suck the impurities and toxins out. Advanced Clinicals recently launched a new Activated Charcoal Peel-Off mask, which I was excited to get my hands on.

advanced clincials charcoal peel-off mask

The problem-solving skincare line prides themselves on advanced technologies at attainable prices (hello, all of their products are under $30!). The mask at only $15 targets large, clogged pores and oily skin and features a winning combination of Witch Hazel, Green Tea, Volcanic Water, Rose, Tea Tree and Willowbark to tighten and firm skin. It’s a great mask for around the t-zone and sucks out the blackheads and loosens clogged pores from environmental stressors.

James has super oily skin, especially in the summer, so this is one of the few products I can get him excited about. I’m more normal but use it as a maintenance mask to target clogged pores and for skin tightening.

It’s super easy to apply… just add a thin layer to clean face. If I’m home I use a face steamer in advance to really open my pores, then apply. Wait 20 minutes; you’ll feel the mask tightening. Then I like to do an oversize smile to kiss face exercise to loosen the grip of the mask around my mouth and then peel. It does a fairly clean peel around the face and any excess you wash off with lukewarm water. The mask is a lot of fun to do together.

Skin feels firm, tight and like the oil has been sucked out. If it’s on the dryer side, that’s completely normal and this is when I love to use essences and serums since skin is so receptive to the formulas. Then I lock everything in with a moisturizer. If you’re not into multiple skincare steps then go straight to a moisturizer after using, but don’t skip that step. Think of the mask like a vacuum that takes all the dirt out and the moisturizer as a cover you put on top so your floors are protected, except in this case we’re talking about your skin.

Advanced Clinicals also launched two new moisturizers for the face, neck and hands in a large Spa Size (16oz), Bulgarian Rose Anti-Aging Rescue Cream and Manuka Honey for Extremely Dry, Aging Skin. Since launching my accessories line, I’ve been really conscious of my hands. I like that these combine anti-aging ingredients and hydration and at a $15 price point I’ve been using it as my hand cream. Also, I like that it’s an easy twist to open pump, which makes it more convenient than a tube or jar creams, especially since I generally apply after washing my hands when my hands are still a little wet.

As the saying goes, we show our age in our hands and now that I take so many pictures of them because of my rings, I’m very conscious about taking care of them. The Bulgarian Rose Anti-Aging Rescue cream is packed with Vitamin E and Avocado oil to moisturize skin and natural Bulgarian Rose to promote a supple and lifted appearance. It goes on so smooth and smells amazing! Every pump is like a bouquet of roses and you only need a quarter of a pump for both hands.

The Manuka Honey cream is less fragrant and what I’ll transition to in the winter since that’s when I tend to be drier. Although I’ve been using it on my feet and ankles where I get dry patches and it makes them super soft. It’s replenishes moisture and is surprisingly light and fast absorbing for a moisturizer that’s formulated for very dry skin.

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