Dry, cracked, or eczema prone skin? Read This.

Brevena skincare

Cosmoprof is one of my favorite trade shows to attend to discover really innovative beauty brands. During my visit to Las Vegas, BREVENA (see promo code for below!) was a stand-out skincare line. With winter skin and hydration being my biggest concern, I’ve been using the Daily Hydration Moisturizer, Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream and Restorative Skin Balm, all of which feature their Macro B Complex.

Originating in medical centers to help doctors and nurses combat the drying effects of frequent hand-washing and mask wearing, this Macro B Complex® helps protect against daily environmental issues such as sunlight and chemicals. It provides essential moisture to maintain the health of your skin cells and minimize the aging process of the skin. It also helps minimize redness and sooth itching. This is especially true with the Restorative Skin Balm, which helped calm my eczema.

brevena skincare for dry skin
Photo Credit: Becca Glasser-Baker

BREVENA® is a heavier skincare line that focuses on hydration, making it ideal for winter when my skin is especially dry. It’s designed for all skin types, and especially good for dry, cracked, problematic, sensitive skin to achieve optimum health through hydration. Think of your skin like clay, when it’s dry, it gets cracks and wrinkles, when it’s hydrated it’s smooth and even. In three weeks I saw a dramatic improvement in my skin texture and smoothness, and even my wrinkles. I do typically use an eye cream but I started using this around my eyes as well since when I looked at the clinicals for the moisturizers the before/after photos showed drastic all over improvement including the eye area.

Their Macro B Complex focuses on healing damaged skin and basically giving it super powers so your skin can to heal itself. It also helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on a cellular level.

The moisturizers are great! They absorb easily into skin and leave this invisible protective layer. That layer is especially great when you’re going out into intense winter climates and otherwise fully absorbs within the hour. The Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream is slightly heavier than the day cream and fully absorbs by morning you wake up with smooth, hydrated skin.

The Restorative Skin Balm Ultimate Hydration is my favorite. It’s one of those standout, unique products I never want to be without. It’s thick and hydrating with an ointment type texture that is single handedly saving me from my eczema prone skin. Perfect for those dry elbow or cracked feet, you can use it from head to toe on problematic skin. You only need a little bit and it works in beautifully on even the driest skin. I have slight eczema on the crease of my arm and on my eye-lid. Since this product carries the National Eczema Society’s Seal of Acceptance, I’ve started using it in my problematic areas at the first sign or irritation, and even when it’s calm every few days and I haven’t had a single outbreak.

I also have some type of really bad contact dermatitis or eczema on the back on my neck in my hairline. It’s not pretty, as you can see from the photo above. My dermatologist says it’s a common area that flares due to stress (joy). The only upside is I can cover it with my ponytail or hair down, because the downside is tt’s incredibly itchy and painful when it flares. As most of you know with skin irritations, the worst thing you can do is scratch. So whenever it starts flaring (and even when it’s not), I apply this and it immediately helps calm it down and take down the reddness. I have these ointments everywhere. I have one at my office, apartment and in my bag.

If you have dry skin, this is one line you should have on your radar. Within two weeks I noticed a major change in my skin.

Learn more about BREVENA and use code SKIN20 for 20% off at brevena.com