Sparkle tops, tassels and how to resurrect dry hair

Eliza J Pants // Nu New York top // Baublebar earrings and necklace // Stuart Weitzman boots

It’s been a long week wrapping up projects cooped up in my office so on Friday I finally got a blowout and starting playing with some of my black friday purchases — how good are these Eliza J pants? I round up my favorite sparkle tops below but quick side bar I have been in hair hell lately. Overly processing my hair finally caught up with me during my last session and the stylist left in my toner too long (and then tried to fix it by literally murdering my strands).If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been hiding under a hat or hiding it in a ponytail, it’s because when you torture your hair to this level, you just have to let it breath. Stay away from heat products and load up on leave in masks, conditioners, serums and oils. It’s been over a week of that and finally I just needed a professional and some advice. I went to Oscar Blandi Salon to see Luca Blondi, who is literally a hair god. It’s in the blood (he’s Oscar’s brother), normally one can breeze through blowing out my hair but when it’s this damaged, tugging with any force or putting the dryer directly on the brush to straighten my strands will break it off. He took his time with every strand and was so gentle that 2 days later this blow out keeps looking better. (It’s literally a miracle). He reaffirmed my need to stay away from heat and to keep hydrating my strands, his picks for me: Kerastase Serum Oleo-Relax Oil, Maskeratine hair mask and the Fluidissime Thermal Anti Frizz Protection Spray before applying any heat. Not that I’m allowed to do my own hair or even fix the color for at least another 3 weeks, it’s in such rough shape.

Back to my outfit details, I got this sequin top from Nu New York (they have a really good moving sale at their Union Square location right now) but couldn’t find it online so I rounded up some of my favorite glittery tops for under $100 below!

PS: I’m all about tassels for the holiday.