Detoxing through your feet

Yesterday morning I posted a video about the Detox Foot Pad I did and my DM’s blew up! I was mostly expecting messages of disgust but to my my surprise every reaction was wanting to try it. In fairness it was pretty cool. It’s cheap and rids your body of toxins while you sleep. What’s not to love? A friend recommended it to me and I fond it on Amazon with high reviews, so I went on with bag of 100 (50 applications, one for each foot) is $40, so a set comes out to less then a $1 a set! It’s a great pack to split with a friend which is what I did.

How it works is each Bestrice Detox Foot Pad packet has a blend of natural ingredients, to be more exact: Bamboo Vinegar 35%, Wood Vinegar 35%, Tourmaline 8%, Loquat Leaves 2%, Agaricus Blazei Murill 5%, Houttuynia Cordata 2%, Dextrin 12%, and Vitamin C 1%. You unwrap the pads, then take an adhesive sticker (included) and stick it to the bottom of your foot before bed.

While you sleep it helps your body remove heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins, microscopic parasites, mucous, chemicals excess fat and other harmful substances. Definitely put socks on over so you it doesn’t fall off. Leave on for 6-8 hours, and then remove when you wake up. There is some liquid that comes up (smells like camp fire — it’s so strange) so I like to have a makeup wipe next to me to just clean up or remove them in the bathroom before I jump in the shower. It’s best to do at night when you’re sleeping so your body is fully relaxed, it’s also when our bodies best heal and recover.

My body felt so weird day 1 and day 2, and I had so much black yuckiness come out. I’m going to do it every night for at least a week to see the color change as the first few nights should be the darkest since that’s going to have the highest amount of toxins. Unless of course I drink myself or find some way to toxin-up silly during this body cleanse, which I don’t plan to do. Other great side effects are it’s supposed to help relax muscles and tendons, relieve fatigue, improve sleeping and skin and recover from sub-health. The customer reviews I read online raved about sleep improvement.

The 100 pack from Bestrice Detox Foot Pad for $39.99, below are some additional brands I saw with similar detox foot pads in a smaller amount of packs.

I’ll continue the journey on instagram stories: @prettyconnected.