Inspired by: Cruising in the Caribbean with Celebrity Cruises

I just got back from traveling around Mexico and I can’t wait to go back south! From swimming in the ocean, wind in my hair, feet in the sand and eating my weight in guacamole to leaving the beaches to head to Mexico City to fulfill one of my dreams of seeing Frida Kahlo’s house it was a magical week away. I can’t believe I almost canceled my trip after the earthquake hit. I was so devastated by the news that I wanted to use our trip to volunteer but the reality was donating money and tourism was what the city really needed. And to my surprise all of the attractions were open, the city was alive and in traveling all over the Mexico City I saw very little damage. Granted most of the accounts were in residential areas, none of the damage interfered with out trip and spirits were high as we walked the streets.

Right now many of the islands off of Mexico and much of the Caribbean have either no damage or are recovering and opened their ports, ready for our arrival. Now is a great time for tourism to help the islands rebound and return to normalcy.

As Celebrity Cruises helps the Caribbean recover from recent storms, the brand is launching a new campaign to help let people know that much of the region is thriving and open for business. As you’re planning your warm destination getaways for the winter I encourage you to look into booking with Celebrity Cruises. We’ve partnered for the winter and I’m so excited for my upcoming cruise!

While I understand planning a trip can be daunting, Celebrity Cruises are an excellent way to explore multiple destinations without the guesswork of planning a tropical vacation. The itineraries keep your safety and enjoyment in mind, and with so many on-board perks from five star dining to spa services and entertainment, there’s nonstop fun to be had.

I have my eye on the Western Caribbean Cruise, which starts at $299, and includes a 4-night adventure that goes from Fort Lauderdale to Cozumel, Mexico. Celebrity Cruises also offers several other Caribbean itineraries with tons of destinations and excursions to explore.

I’m passionate about travel, so sign me up for anything that involves being outside, exploring new beaches and swimming with wildlife.

I’ve always had a thing for nautical style, fruity beverages, and being out at sea, and it’s hard not to get serious #wanderlust when it includes all of the on-board amenities and quality service Celebrity Cruises is known for.

They literally have me fantasizing about swimming the shores of Cozumel with beautiful turquoise beaches, and exploring Palancar Reef and Santa Rosa Wall, two of the top dive destinations around the island.

The other thing I’m dying to do is rent an ATV to drive through the jungle and explore the wilderness. Many of the excursions offered on the Western Caribbean Cruise include cenote dives and cave swims, which is totally up my alley.

Having a few days to relax at sea before a big adventurous day in Cozumel and then a spa treatment on board to relax and carry me home seems like the perfect getaway when it’s freezing in NYC this winter.

Want to come with? Learn more about the Western Caribbean Cruise HERE, and for more cruise options visit