Road trip from Atlanta to Nashville (and where to stop along the way)

My mom has a Toyota Prius, and when she first bought it a few years ago she said it was like driving a magic carpet, it was so smooth and quiet. It wasn’t until this road trip driving a 2017 Toyota Prius Three, that I fully understood this comment. For the eclipse we decided to fly into Atlanta and drive to Nashville (about a 4 hour drive), making a stop in Chattanooga, Tenessee, the half way point, to see the legendary Ruby Falls. Not only is the engine so quiet, but the car is also insanely fuel efficient, which I really appreciated considering all the miles we were about to drive. It was less than a half a tank of gas to do the trip one way!

ATLANTA, Georgia


We started in downtown Atlanta, which wasn’t very exciting, except we did stumble on a fabulous Mexican restaurant called Alma Cocina, that’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Little Five Points

What we were told this would be the Williamsburg, BK of Atlanta and it did not disappoint. The artsy area filled with funky bars and restaurants, coffee shops, juice bars, tattoo shops and vintage stores was a fun area to walk around, and so inexpensive. Ragorama is a huge second hand store, where I thrifted 3 designer belts (Gucci, D&G, and Ferragamo) for $24 – $33 each.

Atlantic Station

Less grungy then Little Five Points, Atlantic Station is a pretty part of town and great area to eat, shop, walk around and catch a movie.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ruby Falls

An absolute must (unless you’re super claustrophobic). If you’re just mildly, you’ll be fine. You take the elevator down to the cave and walk (it’s not intense) for 45 minutes through it, to get to Ruby Falls, a breathtaking 145-foot underground waterfall that’s incredible.

The town of Chattanooga also has a lot of cool destinations and restaurants and areas to walk around that you can check out HERE.

Nashville, Tennessee


Filled with bars and restaurants the nightlife is incredible. So much live music bustling out of every bar. It’s an experience! We stayed at the Westin Nashville in downtown with an awesome roof deck and pool that’s open to the public after 4pm for drinks/food, which I highly recommend (don’t forget your swim suit). It’s an incredible view of the city and where we watched the eclipse from.

The Gulch

In between Downtown and Music Row (and like literally next to…) comes a small up and coming LEED Certified neighborhood with local bars and restaurants.

Music Row

Just southwest of downtown passing through The Gulch, Music Row home to several businesses and attractions focused around Nashville’s musical heritage. Walk around 16th and 17th Avenues South and hit some old school bars and live entertainment spots the area is known for.

12 South

Bordered around more of a residential area comes this gem of a neighborhood filled with cute boutiques, places to eat and wonderful happy hours.

The interior is unique and futuristic, with a glossy white plastic and wireless charger and it has a surprising amount of room, it surely doesn’t look as cavernous on the outside. For a hybrid, it does have a good amount of go to it, when you are not in eco-mode and hit the gas, the engine in combination with the battery does get it up to speed pretty quickly.

More on the 2017 Toyota Prius Three

Incredibly smart, fuel efficient ride. The interface for the car has a game-like aspect to it, not only telling you what your mpg is but giving you a score based on how you accelerate, brake and drive in general. Kind of cheeky, but to be honest, it works… I found myself trying to get a higher score. Maybe I am just uber competitive, I wish there was a leaderboard so I could compare myself to other drivers.

I can definitely see the appeal to those who are green conscious and want to save on gas, its no wonder why this is such a high selling car.

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