Greetings from Mykonos

necklace // sunglasses // dress // ring // bracelet // arm ring

I don’t know what to say except island life is really agreeing with me. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so relaxed. Mykonos really agrees with me. I have no concept of what time it is or even what day it is. Patricia Field threw the most fabulous party and runway show for her ARTFASHION x Apostolos Mitropoulous collaboration on the island (I’ll be posting the video and images shortly), and she’s been the most amazing host.

Her friends are incredible, full of life and just so happen to have the best taste in restaurants — great food with exceptional views of the water. Speaking of her friends, Darren Star and Debi Mazar came from filming the finale of Younger to be at the show (are you all watching? Because it’s one of the best comedy shows out right now, plus Patricia Field is styling it!). And yes, Debi Mazar is beyond fabulous in person, I felt like I should be bowing down to royalty sharing a bench with her and Patricia. It doesn’t get too much more inspiring than those two. Also I was really happy to spend some time with one of the ARTFASHION artists from Patricia Field’s crew, Scooter Laforge. I’ve admired and known his for so long but actually spending time together has been a real treat. Surrounding myself with so many creatives has been really good for me since I’m launching a really exciting venture this year. I’m hush hush for now, but that coupled in Mykonos where the beaches could not be more prefect (it’s like one is more amazing than the next), I’m literally so happy to be here.

I rented an ATV, which was probably the best decision I’ve ever made — and for all 10 days on the island. I just zip all around, it’s so fun! Also a little fashion hack for all you mini dress wearers, throw some short shorts or bicycle spandex under your dress so you can sit comfortably. I’m actually wearing leather shorts under this dress but you’d never know. It made riding around in the ATV so much easier. Everyday has been an adventure filled with great food and new sites, I almost never want to leave — except I miss James and Charlie so much. Other then that, ignoring my inbox has been so lovely.

Outfit details! SO I snagged this dress in NYC last week at the Free People UES location for only $30, originally upwards of $100. I tried to find it online for all you so you might have to call around. The jewelry is Swarovski and Ray-Ban sunglasses all credited below.

Alas, I may not have been able to find the Free People sequins dress online (but literally there were a ton at the store on the sale rack) BUT I did round up some other favorite Free People looks on sale. The first dress below comes in a 2nd color which I’m ordering but for some reason I couldn’t show the thumbnail but click on it — you’re going to be in love!
I hope you’re all having a beautiful day and planning some great adventures. xoLara