Olay Labs Forehead Reset System

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of OLAY LABS. The opinions and text are all mine.

olay labs forehead strips
Can you even tell I’m wearing a forehead strip?

A few years back skincare tape was trying to make its mark on the beauty industry. You’d basically take this shaped tape and apply to your forehead or smile lines as an effort to slow down wrinkles. While it had some merit it never really made it mainstream, probably because it was missing something…

The magic touch? Or a product that could be used under the tape to seal in the skincare so when you wakeup lines are plumped and filled in. Welcome, the newly-launched Olay Labs Forehead Reset System, a pioneering skincare product from Olay Labs, the team who pushes the boundaries of innovation and continues Olay’s mission to keep women ageless. For all of you that think you need a needle to smooth out forehead wrinkles, try this first!

As a big fan of Olay, literally Regenerist Multi-Sculpting Cream is usually my go-to when I need my lines plumped (you can read the full review HERE), I’m so excited about a Botox alternative to getting my forehead wrinkle-free. I have an impossibly small forehead so I am not a good candidate for Botox anyways, plus I’m not there yet. Being preventative with my forehead wrinkles (wearing SPF and addressing my lines in my skincare regimen) is very important to me. While I’m big on aging gracefully, being in front of the camera so much, I want to minimize my lines as most women do. And some of us don’t want fillers (including the price tag!) but struggle to find a good topical that works long term.

This is what’s so cool about the new Olay Labs Forehead Reset System! You get a 28 day supply, which includes a topical Forehead Cream and 4 packs of Forehead Strips (each pack contains 7 Strips). It’s really easy to use!

Directions: After nightly cleansing massage a small amount of Forehead Cream onto skin before applying Forehead Strip. Remove the backing from the Forehead Strip and gently smooth onto skin for overnight wear. The next morning remove and discard the Forehead Strip in the trash and continue your mourning skin care routine.

Use a small about of Forehead Cream

Press cream into forehead

Apply Forehead Strip to your forehead – you can barely tell it’s on!

The product slips effortlessly into your skincare routine – mine includes a makeup remover/face cleanser, followed by toner, serum then moisturizer and eye cream. As my last step I apply the Forehead Cream and tap it into my forehead/lines followed by the strip. The strip is really comfortable to wear, you can barely see it in my photos it just blends in and honestly I forget I’m even wearing it until I go to wash my face in the AM. The Forehead Cream is really light and instantly absorbs.

The 28-day targeted overnight treatment is formulated to diminish the appearance of forehead lines and wrinkles and the unique two-step process is designed to hyper-hydrate and plump skin, and visibly reduce deeply set lines. If you’re more like me the lines are there but not so intense, which makes this our “Plump to Prevent” go-to. It’s a wonderful preventative for wrinkles forming while also filling any noticeable lines. For women over 45, who are more wrinkle prone and are looking for a corrective system this is the “No Needles Needed” alternative.

The Olay Labs Forehead Reset System, 28 day supply is $99 and includes free shipping from OlayLabs.com