Wake me up before I go go

Being a blogger and always juggling a hectic schedule, there are two thing I rely on more than anything, especially to wake up, it’s COFFEE and music! This magical caffeinated drink is a morning (and afternoon) must-have and if I could have it hand-delivered to my bed everyday I would. But I found the next best thing!

Mr.Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker – My boyfriend ordered this off Amazon for $27 and it’s like the greatest thing to ever happen to me. You can program it to brew coffee at a certain time so when my alarm goes off, so does my coffee! You can also just kit the button and make it instantly but the timer feature has taken the coffee machine from my kitchen to my night stand. There are more sophisticated versions I linked to above, but minus being a little loud when it brews — which really doesn’t bother me since I’m trying to wake up anyways, it’s changed my life. And I’m a dark roast Lavazza girl, Intenso and Perfetto are my jam. I love a dark roast but don’t like to feel shaky or anxious and it’s perfect. There are a lot of great coffee brands out there but this is one I always find myself going back to. I used to be an ambassador for them and it’s just one of those brands I always go back to. While I’m geeking out on coffee, I also recently discovered TFees Straws.  True coffee and tea addict know that staining, enamel erosion, and discoloration are only a few of the issues that can arise from our beloved beverages. TFees’ patented heat safe & completely BPA, BPS & estrogenic-free reusable drinking straws, that come in three convenient sizes help to protect teeth without having to worry about harmful toxins or chemicals. Plus they can be cleaned by simply throwing them in the dishwasher.

Beddi STYLE Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker – Sleep better and wake up refreshed with this unique app-controlled alarm clock. The Beddi Smart Alarm Clock features a changeable faceplate, alarms that come from your favorite Spotify or Apple Music playlists, not to mention it’s also equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and USB charging port for your phone. It’s made me go back to using an alarm clock that isn’t on my iPhone and is so convenient with all the features. It’s only $50 which is amazing considering how much bluetooth speakers go for now, and they also have a white noise generator version for $80 if that’s your thing! Speaking of white, how cute is this Thompson Ferrier Elephant candle (also available in black and metallic colors!). I also love waking up to a good candle!

Also, while we’re on the subject of grab and go, I just blogged about Mobovida Bristol Belt Bag (above). They just launched a kickstarter for their fanny pack, which doubles as a purse (there’s a leather and a chain strap you can interchange). And it has a built in universal charger so you can charge your devices on the go! You can read all about it HERE.