This Eczema Cream just won a Good Housekeeping Seal (and sold out HSN in minutes)

Meet Dr. Wang, HSN’s new golden boy of eczema (his product sold out in minutes on their network). Dr. Wang is a renowned New York City dermatologist and medical researcher who recently earned the coveted Good Housekeeping seal with his game changing product, Eczema Ointment Natural Calming Moisturizer. Inspired by his encounters with thousands of patients –Did you know that over 30 million Americans suffer from eczema!!! And a whopping 100 million struggle with sensitive skin?! He wanted a solution for those struggling with skin disorders, so after much research, he created a special calming ointment merging his background in dermatology with the benefits of traditional Chinese herbs and ingredients and enlisted the help of his father, Gui Wang, a specialist in the field.

Dr. Wang’s Eczema Ointment is unlike any other skin reliever the industry has ever seen. His herb-based balm helps protect skin from irritation all while promoting hydration and soothing without steroids. What makes it so special is it takes the itch away in minutes, relieving the symptom and calming the skin. It’s also effective on mosquito bites, which is an amazing side benefit, especially for me since I’m always getting eaten alive. So what specifically makes this product so amazing and worthy of the prestigious Good Housekeeping seal? Side note: The testing process is no joke to win this honor (learn more HERE), so here it is:

  • The Formula: the herbs Dr.Wang used in his formula are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, in addition, the oils create an artificial barrier to help protect skin and lock in moisture, so you don’t have to worry about the product slipping and sliding everywhere.
  • Steroid-Free: steroids are a common treatment for problematic skin, however, they can thin, burn, and sting skin which causes a lot of problem for some people. This ointment is completely free of any type of steroid, as well coal tar, parabens, petrolatum or fragrance.
  • Hydration: According to clinical tests, user’s skin moisture level was boosted up to 49%
  • Reader’s Results: People absolutely rave about this product, the reviews go into great detail about the soothing properties of the ointment and how quickly their itching was relieved. Seriously, just google this product’s reviews and you’ll see how obsessed people are with the results.

The vibrant purple color is a handy application guide. Use a small amount (like literally tiny, just a little scrape of product from top) and rub it into the irritated area until the purple color run clear.  When the purple has disappeared, that means the product has been fully absorbed and relief is in site.

To add on to the greatness, the price. Dr.Wang’s Eczema Ointment is 2oz and only $29.95 — which feel like a lifetime supply given how little of the product you need.

You can learn more about Dr. Wang’s miracle eczema cream on page 92 in the April issue of Good Housekeeping (and see incredible before and afters), and is available on