Gilt x Livelihood Launch with Joe Biden

Considering the current state of affairs to say I needed a Joe Biden hug was an understatement. Last night, the former VP came out to support his daughter, Ashley Biden for the launch of Livelihood, a socially and ethically conscious apparel company which is partnering with Gilt today to sell a collection of hoodies with 100% of the net proceeds donated to Livelihood’s community development initiatives. 

Joe Biden greeted the crowd, took pictures with EVERYONE (best day ever!) and gave the most heart warming speech — his love for his daughter, family and our country and his commitment to making the world a better place was so inspiring. He also applauded Gilt for being a company that really cares about giving back. I’ll admit I did not know much about his daughter, but what a force. During her speech, in between tears and explaining her companies mission she thanked her family and dad for their support and encouragement to make our communities better and advocate for what’s right.

Having a mother that worked in Human Rights and a sister that works for the United Nations, I was always brought up to not close my eyes to the hardships happening around us. It’s also why I started my charity, and have so much admiration for families like the Biden’s!

I bought my hoodie in support at the event, and am going to think of this magical night every time I wear it. Check out the collection at