The road ahead…

For the first time in a long time I’m looking to the future with a big question mark. I was considering a big life change. I love blogging but after doing it full-time for so long I thought I might want a change of pace but New York always has a way of opening doors and helping me find new ways to grow. The pull has never been so strong. I was actually supposed to be in LA for a few months but all my plans were set on hold in anticipation of what could be the biggest month for my site! My Olay campaign is seconds away from launching, Glamour Magazine asked me to judge their beauty awards for the 2nd year in a row and I’m filming a project with New Beauty and Amazon StyleCode Live. I also have something in the works with Health, Vanity Fair and Redbook and all of this gives me chills. In a good way, I’m so excited! I’m not a stranger to humbling moments and big collaborations, I’m just not used to them happening all at the same time. I’m not in the habit of comparing myself to other people so sometimes I need to take a step back to realize OMG this is a big deal!

Rag & Bone Coat and Skinny Coated Black Jeans (on sale!)

Sorel Tivoli II Blanket Boot in Red Dahlia

Dagne Dover The Tiny Tote

Growth is important, no matter what stage you are in your blogging career. And so are opportunities. The fact that 9 years later this industry finds new ways to surprise and challenge me gives me hope. And hey a winter in New York isn’t so bad… at least I have warm boots. The only Sorel’s I’ve ever owned are the Joan of Arctic style, which I love but are literally for the arctic. They make my feet sweat unless it’s extremely cold outside. The perfect compromise are these Sorel Tivoli II Blanket Boot, and I love them in red! I christened them over the holidays and with this spastic cold to rain and light snow they’ve been perfect. Otherwise I’ve been really lax on updating my winter wardrobe. Instead I’ve been investing in more staples about layering pieces I can wear year round. We have this need as fashion blogger to consume, consume, consume but no matter how many racks of coats I rack up (get it?), I always end up wearing the same three jackets, like this Rag & Bone one from a million years ago the majority of the time.

Anyways, where ever this new year takes you, I hope good things are to come. The Women’s March really put some more light and hope into the air for me. It was a dose of inspiration and a sense of unity and love I was craving. For the first time in a long time, I really feel like the best is yet to come.