Lululemon-ing around with the Rove Foam Roller 01

I’ve talked a lot about my back injury from a few years ago when I herniated a disc and a foam roller has been a staple in my home ever since. As it should be for virtually everyone since we’re all tight somewhere and I have yet to find a tool that rivals it. Until now. Or maybe the better way to phrase it is take it to the next level.
Last week I stopped by Lululemon to learn about the Rove Foam Roller 01 from it’s co-founder + Bespoke Treatment Physical Trainer Daniel Giordano.  The Rove Foam Roller 01 is a durable, versatile and highly effective product that significantly improves the way athletes prepare and recover for physical feats to improve health — anywhere! Unlike the foam roller I have at home, this one lays flat making it ideal for packing and travel and then curls and hook to form the classic foam roller shape. See below the 3 photos of Daniel Giordano and I and how he rolls it from virtually the size of a Macbook air laid flat to the more standard foam roller size when curled.

For all of us that travel and roll, especially for athletes, this is a major breakthrough! Next big difference beyond the shape is it’s actually not made of foam, and the surface isn’t smooth (although there are some textured foam rollers on the market). This one has hard acupuncture-like-mat surface knobs which work so much deeper. As I rolled switching between a classic foam roller and the Rove Foam Roller 01 the amount of pressure and experience had a clear difference for the better. It weighs about 8 lbs and is currently available for pre-sale at a reduced price of $89 (regularly $129), with an estimated delivery of March 207 on

 Also how hot are my new threads from Lululemon!?! Outfit details: Lululemon Hot Like Angi Pant, Tie It Up Singlet Tank, and Fast Lane Sports Bra. They have so many good prints right now, I’m lucky I made it out with my life savings intact.
As for the Rove Foam Roller 01, I ordered it when I got home. I’m trying to downsize everything and so excited for this new roller to arrive. The one I currently have is way too tall and bulky. Also I realized how much more there is to foam rolling then the routine exercises I do. Daniel showed me a few moves including putting one leg over the other to stretch and roll out my calve muscles. I also picked up this book, Foam Rolling by Sam Woodworth, that features 60 restorative exercises so I’m ready when my Rove Foam Roller 01 arrives.