DUOver with Olay

January is always such a motivating month for me. The reflection that comes with the New Year and self-improvements I want to make. In the past I’ve resolved to travel more but this year I want to spend more time at home and get organized. And I’m starting with the bathroom, which I’m overdue to downsize.

The new DUO’s from Olay, Ivory and Old Spice are my perfect shower DUOver (pun intended). It’s the first dual-sided cleansing tool infused with a flexible cleansing core, which translates to it’s a body wash and exfoliator loofah in one. Only better since it offers 2X better clean than their basic body wash and puff– and it lasts up to 30 uses. The never before seen two sided clean has an exfoliating side that renews skin surface and smooth side that conditions.

I also think it’s more sanitary and I say think because I don’t know where I stand on puff’s and sponges. You always see stories about how they collect bacteria, which makes me nervous, but putting body wash on without an applicator and just your hands never feel as thorough for me. Which is why the new DUO products are so innovative and genius.

I already use Olay body wash so I naturally gravitated to the Olay DUO (also available in Ivory and Old Spice). I was actually on the tail end of my Olay body wash so trading it in for the Olay DUO was a huge space game changer. Especially since it’s an exfoliator and cleanses in one and hangs and doesn’t take up any shelf space. It hangs on my shower handle.

With notes of orchid and rich black currant, the Olay DUO smells amazing and perks me up in the morning. I like to build the lather with the exfoliator side and then rinse or switch sides and do a once over with the smooth side. And just like the original it leaves skin so smooth and soft. Just add water and scrub!

Duo is available in Olay, Old Spice and Ivory available in select Drugstores, mass and food retailers and eCommerce sites nationwide for $9.99-$12.99.