The Chill Space NYC: Cryosauna, Infrared Sauna and Float Experience

I ended last week at the Chill Space NYC for an epic, and unexpected spa experience. Relaxation came in the form of a 3 minute Chill Cryosauna, followed by a 30 minute detoxifying Infrared Sauna and ended in an hour float. The Chill Space also offers therapeutic massages for the ultimate and more conventional way to relax. But lets get to the fun stuff!


The coldest 3 minutes of my life. I HATE the cold, so I was terrified of this. You step into a cushioned, upright bed, with your head out of the machine and then shriek as the cryosauna pulsates nitrogen mist at a temperature of -220 degrees Fahrenheit. It was cold but somehow the time flew by and I walked out feeling amazing. Again, I HATE the cold but what an incredible rush. My body felt amazing and awake. It definitely lived up to the endorphin release, “runner’s high” feel that I was not expecting. I can’t believe I loved it! (Did I mention I HATE the cold?).

**This service is recommended for pain relief, decrease inflammation, increase metabolism, relief for arthritic conditions, acute and chronic injure.

Infrared Sauna

I’ve done an Infrared wrap before but apparently the Infrared Sauna is next level. With a wrap you get one wavelength of infrared but with this specific Infrared Sauna it offers three separate wavelengths of infrared light and the radiant heat emitted from the full spectrum sauna penetrates deeply into the muscles and joints to alleviate pain and remove impurities on a cellular level. Basically it’s going deep! It’s like all the benefits we want from Infrared without the harmful UVA/UVB rays we want to stay away (Ie what causes cancer and skin damage from the sun). The temperature was comfortable, I didn’t feel like I was in a sweat lodge and was relaxing. You just lay and relax in the sauna for 30 minutes while relaxing music plays in the background. I found the 30 minute timeline to be perfect because towards the end I started to sweat and my body felt ready to get out. There’s a shower in the room with the sauna and the cool off felt amazing after exiting.

**This service increased lymphatic circulation as well as blood flow to the skin and relaxes facial tension. Improves would healing, detoxifies and mimics the effects of mild exercise.

Floatation Therapy

After the sauna, I went downstairs for an hour float, where basically you lay in a giant (only a few feet deep) tub (think upgraded kiddie pool in tub form), and just meditate and relax. Once your laying you can turn off the lights and music and just be. It’s unusually relaxing to just zen out and float and just go to a different universe. Don’t worry, the lights and music comes back on when the hour is up so you know to get out.

** This service is great for anxiety, insomnia, pain and stress relief. It’s the perfect way to reset and physically and mentally relax.

You can book the services together or individually.  All three are must tries but I warn you do not make plans the rest of the day. I was complete jello. Unless you just do the Cryosauna, I felt on top of the world and exhilarated after. The other two put me in a complete, relaxation trance. I didn’t want to think or move.

The Chill NYC is located a124 East 40th Street, Suite 603, NYC. Learn more at