This is what a $1500 Rossano Ferretti haircut looks like

Rossano Ferretti haircutTrue story. In the middle of getting a cut and color appointment, when I received an email that one of the most celebrated hairdressers in the world, Rossano Ferretti was coming to NYC for the move of his Rossano Ferretti Hairspa and to launch his new Rossano Ferretti Parma collection of luxury haircare products. Thank God we did the color first because you better believe I canceled the hair cut on the spot. At $1500 a cut, there is a waitlist for Rossano Ferretti, so an invitation to meet and have my hair cut but the master and experience his infamous “method” cut was not to be missed or rushed. I cleared my day. I will open by saying, he’s a man of education and created what he calls his bible, sharing the knowledge of his method haircut with his staff, so should you visit the salon you’re looking at a more modest price of $155 – $250 for a cut with one of his stylists.


Located on the 19th floor in the Fuller Building at 41 East 57th Street (at Madison Avenue), I was greeted with so much warmth by the staff (I love Italians!), and by Ferretti, who toured me around the salon and pointed to the wall and introduced me to his mother. He told me he doesn’t do photos of his press or celebrity clients (which ahem include Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon and Dakota Johnson to name a few, but this photo of his mom hangs in every one of his salons. I was instantly charmed. Between his 18 hairspas (with four more opening soon!) he’s rarely available to cut himself, so this was a true honor.

Now I will preface the man is a visionary. He was the first to shy away from ground level storefront salons and do an apartment style hairspas a few levels up. He developed his hair revolutionary “ The Method” cut, which is all about reading the natural fall of the hair and creating the perfect bespoke haircut for each person. It’s designed to enhance the individual beauty of every client, customizing the haircut according to the hair type and characteristics of each person.  He told me he could never go into the world if he didn’t have something new to offer.

“If I don’t have something to give I will not offer myself. I wanted to go back to the craft, and offer a tailor made service.” – Rossano Ferretti

rossano-ferretti-haircut-scissorsHe also created and patented a pair of texturizing scissors that snip a delicate 18% instead of the habitual 30%. He carefully cuts each strand and uses these scissors to create the Invisible Cut, full of layers that are subtly perfect for each person.

Before and after
Before and after

Watching him cut my hair, it was like a true Edward Scissorhands moment. I love my long hair, but my ends were hurting. He slowly moved higher and higher until my hair all the dead ends were gone revealing my healthiest hair. It’s never been so soft.

He also introduced and used his new luxury hair products on me. Made in Italy they are sulfate, paraben, formaldehyde and SLS free. Formulated with high quality botanicals and cutting edge technology to be gentle on your strands and restore health, balance, softness and strength, the soften, the products smelled amazing. The Protective and Shining Oil and Smoother Hair Mask, breathed new life into my strands. I have a lot of bleach in my hair and the Smoother Hair Mask made it so you could actually comb threw it with absolute ease and left my hair so soft. The Protective and Shining Oil was used after my haircut and I could see the strands get shinier (but not greasy, the oil completely absorbs) and more manageable. Any frizz disappeared!

I’m no stranger to quality cuts (we don’t lack talented hairdressers in NY) but It’s now been almost a full week since leaving the salon and my hair has never been this manageable with so much bounce. It makes me wonder what it would be like if I forgoed all the coloring products and was back in my natural, virgin hair state.

It may have been a $1500 haircut, but I left feeling like a million bucks.

Thank you Rossano Ferretti for having me!