Intelligent Nutrients Opens in NYC


Intelligent Nutrients opened their first store in NYC this month at One Fifth Avenue on the corner of 5th Ave and 8th Street near Washington Square Park. As some of you know I’ve been on a ‘clean beauty’ kick and it doesn’t get any safer than Intelligent Nutrients. Founded by “the father of Safe Cosmetics” Horst Rechelbacher, who was also the founder of Aveda, they offer an extensive range of USDA Certified Organic Hair and Body Products. Today the company is run by his wife Kiran Stordalen and daughter Nicole Rechelbacher. (I’m a little obsessed with his daughter and may or may not bought similar aviator glasses after meeting her).


Up until now I’ve been getting my Intelligent Nutrients fix at ABC Carpet & Home Apothecary, which carries a limited line. Walking into the store was eye-opening on just how vast the collection is. They also offer FaceLove Fitness sessions — don’t worry, you don’t do any of the working out. You basically lean back in a chair (30 – 45min sessions available), while your instructor gives you the most amazing face massage of your life.  Incorporating muscle movement-skin firming massage and interval face muscle resistance training to wake up your skin, you walk out so refreshed.intelligent-nutrients-time-traveler-serum

Charlie and I had the best time at the launch event — the store is very dog friendly. I tried out the new Plant Retinol Science Time Traveling Serum that just launched — and if you follow me on snapchat have noticed I use everyday. It’s formulated to increase cell turnover while diffusing dark spots (which I desperately need help with) and support skin regeneration. It’s a lightweight serum that absorbs into skin like water.I want a jumbo size of it! I’ve been using it for 2 weeks non-stop and nervous I’m almost out.

Meanwhile Charlie got some pampering of his own. They saw he was still working on growing back his hair from when I adopted him and gave him a prescription of products to use. Starting with the Hair & Scalp Treatment Remedy, which is packed with a powerhouse of certified organic oils (jojoba, apricot kernel and safflower seed) and nourishing fatty acids to deeply repair and moisturize while addressing inflammation. And also Intellimune Antioxidant Super Seed Oil, which he licks right out of the bottle. He loves it!


Intellimune Antioxidant Super Seed Oil, is an antioxidants-omega super supplement that’s cold pressed that strengthens cell membranes and can also be used topically for supple skin and silky hair. With wondrous skin, hair and health benefits. It’s an oil consistency that can be added to salads, smoothies or as Charlie likes to take it, straight up. I’ll admit I’ve been sharing these products with Charlie, since technically they are for people and now that I’m a bleached blonde I need all the help I can get.


In the past 3 weeks since he started using these products his hair growth is now at 98%. Charlie was already on the road to recovery since we adopted him 6 months ago, thanks in large part to Skinny &Co Cold-Pressed raw 100% alkaline coconut oil and a few other non-human targeted products that I’ll do a larger blog post about shortly. Adding in these IN products, along with his regular routine has turned him into a complete puff ball which is astounding considering he was completely shaved down when we adopted him and senior Pomeranians can have issues growing their hair back at 10 years old.

Thank you Intelligent Nutrients for having us at the store opening! Everyone, go check out the new store at One Fifth Avenue, NYC.