I Burned 3,000 Calories Doing this Body Treatment

calorie burning body treatment dapne

I put the above picture on my Instagram a few weeks ago with the caption: “New favorite workout: Detoxifying Body Wrap from D A P H N E Spa. I burned 3000 calories in an hour just laying there covered in sudatonic creams and wrapped in this infrared blanked” and then the comments and questions came pouring in. So here’s the 411:

D A P H N E is a charming, new little European skincare and sugaring studio, that recently opened in Nolita.  It’s the sister location to the renowned Seattle Spa, Penelope & The Beauty Bar featuring some of their most sought after skincare and sugaring treatments.


I visited them right before heading to Miami for their signature French Sudatonic Slimming Detoxifying Body Wrap. The treatment is designed to flush toxins out of the body and help improve skin texture, reduce cellulite, diminish stretch marks and help with weight-loss. It’s a 60 minute treatment where my facialist applied some magical cream and then wrapped me in plastic and then tucked me into an infrared blanket where in one hour’s time I would burn an average of 1,500 to 3,000 calories. Within a half our my body was scorching. It wasn’t intolerable but considering I was enjoying a relaxing facial at the same time but otherwise I was baking. It was like being in a sweat lodge but the fact that it was from the shoulders down made it so much more tolerable. The final 30 minutes flew by and when I was unwrapped I felt so amazing, so much so I would have been down for round two. My body sweated out who knows what, and soaked up all of the cream concoction which was apparently the best result since some people only absorb half of the formula. The fact that I took it all in and sweated out everything else meant that my body took to the treatment and I most likely burned on the higher end of the calorie count. My skin also felt so smooth and It was like fast forwarding a 3 day juice cleanse in an hour, everything felt tucked in. In fact doing it right before leaving for Miami was genius,  since I didn’t have a second to workout that week. This could be my new ultimate lazy girls new workout plan.

D A P H N E also turned me onto Sugaring, which is like waxing but instead of wax they mix sugar, lemon and hot water and bake it until it turns into a gel formula that pulls hair out from the root. It’s been practiced for centuries and is less irritating (especially around the bikini line) and more natural then wax considering it’s just those 3 ingredients!
My sugaring expert took a scoop for the formula of the canister and then she warmed it like putty in her hands before stretching it across my legs and lifting to remove the hair.  And then did that motion on repeat. how-does-sugaring-work
I’m into it and definitely prefer it to waxing. I didn’t turn red or have any sensitivity. I only did my legs and brows but D A P H N E offers a full menu of traditional Egyptian Sugaring for men and women.
Check them out at Daphne.Studo