Absolutely Ageless In the Garden of Aveeno


Before I left for LA, I went to one of the most beautiful events for Aveeno. Hosted at the Lowline Lab in NYC, and walked out of the urban jungle and into the rainforest. The event highlighted three of their face collections, Ultra-Calming, Positively Radiant and their new range, Absolutely Ageless and they planned activities around the active ingredient in each.


For the Positively Radiant collection we made soy candles – since the range harnesses the power for soy to help with dullness and discoloration. This has longtime been my favorite collection from Aveeno since brown spots and uneven texture are my primary skincare concern.


I’ve used most of the collection (the Radiant Tone Corrector and Skin Brightening Daily Scrub are two of my bathroom staples) but somehow missed the Daily Cleansing Pads, which I discovered at the event. If you love brightening/exfoliating pads, you need to try this, it’s exceptional! First off the dual-textured cleaning pads are massive in size — it’s very generous so you only need on for your face and neck! They are soap-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic and lift away dirt, oil, makeup and everything else and leaves your skin so soft and glowy! I actually also use them on the bottoms of my feet as well to help exfoliate and don’t feel the least bit guilty about it since they are only $6.99 for a pack of 28!


Next it was onto a flower arranging to chat about the Ultra-Calming range. This line focuses around sensitive skin and reducing the appearance of redness and to calm irritated skin. Featuring Feverfew, which is a soothing and calming herb that delivers high antioxidant and anti-irritant benefits, the collection includes a Foaming Cleanser, Daily Moisturizer SFP 15, Night Cream and Makeup Removing Wipes. I like the texture of the range but since I don’t get red I only use the makeup wipes. I actually packed these for Coachella since there’s so much dust mixing with my makeup that I want something calming when removing my makeup and taking off the sand on my face.


Lastly, we learned about Aveeno’s latest collection, Absolutely Ageless! As you likely guessed this is their anti-aging collection. This range boasts their new Active Naturals Blackberry Complex, which combines blackberry leaf extract and dill to help improve elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles, lines and the other signs of aging.


The collection includes a Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Restorative Night Cream, Eye Cream, Nourising Cleanser, and Intensive Renewel Serum. It’s a little more fragrant then I generally go for in a range but the scent is lovely and it absorbs beautifully. I’ve been using it for the past week and brought the line with me to LA (it’s perfectly travel size!) and will have a full review soon! For this station we made mocktails featuring blackberries and dill – recipe in the photo and I highly recommend making this at home (maybe even splash a little something-something in it to turn that mock into a cocktail).