Sisley Paris launches new shades of Lip & Eye Twists!


If there’s two things I’m excited about this week it’s my new LulueRoe makeup leggings that my friend Rachel got me (how cute are they!?!?) and that Sisley Paris extended the color range of their Phyto-Lip Twists. Specifically shade #14 Love which I’m rocking in the above.


For starters, anyone not familar with Sisley Paris you should know they are a luxury skincare a color brand that’s still family owned and run. For three generations, the d’Ornano family has created and led businesses in the high-end cosmetic sector. A visionary entrepreneur, in 1976 Hubert d’Ornano launched Sisley with a novel idea: relying on technological advancements to use the best aspects of plants and essential oils in beauty products. Under his direction and thanks to the work of his teams, over nearly four decades Sisley has become one of the most prestigious companies in the world of high-end cosmetics. Now, the french company is adding some new shades and revolutionary products to their collection. I recently stopped by the Sisley Paris store in Soho to get the 411 on all the new launches.


Phyto-Lip Twist:  Lets start with my favorite! Phyto-Lip Twist is a tinted balm, colored like a lipstick and shiny like a gloss (the best of both worlds) that launched last year. Applied with a single “twist”, it leaves the lips supple, moisturized, visibly smoothed and plumped thanks to its cocktail of original plant-based active ingredients. Its ultra-sensory smooth glide-on texture reinvents lipstick. With highly adaptable coverage, the self-sharpening system enables lips to be outlined like a pencil while coloring in and layering for optimal color. Currently, there are 9 shades in the collection but launching for spring in April are six new shades — Sugar, Litchi, Melon, Poppy, Love and Nut — all swatched below.


Phyto-Eye Twist: Following the success of the Phyto-Lip Twist dynasty came Phyto-Eye Twists, the creamy, waterproof eye pencils which are getting four new additional shades added to the range for spring. The smooth and creamy texture allows the pencil to glide on effortlessly upon application and the long-lasting formula delivers intense buildable pigment all day. The four new shades of “eye liner meets creamy shadow” including: Pearl, Amethyst, Copper and Emerald all swatched below.


So Curl Mascara: After the much success of their So Intense Mascara, Sisley’s newest mascara has the same creamy formula that provides complete eyelash care for long-lasting results but with a new brush! The newly designed brush hugs the shape of the eye and creates an instant curl. The signature treatment-based formula means in just four weeks, lashes will become longer, thicker and stronger. Editor’s tip: Lash curler still recommended prior to use for optimal results. The new mascara comes in three shades: #1 deep black, #2 deep brown and #3 deep blue will be available beginning in April.


Phyto Cernes-Eclat Concealer shade #4 – I’m super excited Sisley Paris is extending their Phyto-Cernes Eclat eye concealer to add shade #4 which is my skintone (medium with neutral to slight yellow undertone). It’s currently the darkest shade and hopefully they extend for all skintones, since it’s amazing! The Phyto-Cernes Eclat eye concealer is a tinted anti-dark circles product that instantly masks dark circles and darkened areas, reduces puffiness and signs of fatigue and visibly smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. Its metal massage tip creates an immediate, cool decongesting effect, and its brush allows for a customized application. It’s an incredible formula.


Sisley Paris also has some new products which aren’t my skintone but I wanted to send swatches for all of you die-hards:


Tinted Sunscreen Cream SPF 30: Sisley’s new sun care cream helps is formulated to create a flawless complexion at the beach, pool or for everyday use. The highly advanced tinted sunscreen cream with SPF 30 enhances and protects the skin while improving the complexion at the same time. The cream will be available in two shades, #1 natural and #2 golden beginning in April.



Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge: It’s been seventeen years since the launch of their iconic Sisleÿa Global Anti-Age, which this month they have reformulated and changed the name to Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge. The new, innovative update to the formula which acts on the visible signs of behavioral aging as well as those linked to genetic and extrinsic aging. Among the many active ingredients, three major new active ingredients now optimize the product: Lindera extra to re-synchronize the skin;s rhythm to restore the cellular metabolism, Persian Acacia extract to promote energy production and protect against and repair skin damage caused by cellular fatigue, and a Yeast and Soya protein complex to protect the chromosomes cellular life expectancy. I haven’t tried it yet since I’m currently on a different skincare routine but am curious to see how it compares!