Algenist Launches Color Correction + Foundation The Reveal Collection


Algenist has skincare down to a science. With a dedicated biotechnology group focused on the next microalgae-based breakthrough, it didn’t take long for Algenist to make the next leap forward in beauty launching their Reveal collection with skin-perfecting makeup.


The Reveal Collection is a groundbreaking makeup line utilizing microalgae-based species to color correct and improve skin’s tone and radiance. Consisting of a primer, concealer, foundation and collection of color correcting drops all formulated with AlgaCorrecting Complex, the line uses naturally-occurring red algae, blue algae, green algae and gold algae to “camouflage” skin imperfections while delivering mega benefits! Color correcting products are nothing new, although they are becoming very hot for spring with so many brands creating their variations. This however is the first I’ve seen in liquid form that also utilizes an algae complex. And it makes sense given how many different colors there are in the algae spectrum and all of the wonderful skincare benefits they have.

The 411 on the Algenist Reveal Collection:

Reveal Concentrated Color Correcting Drops ($38) – The web has been abuzz with Reveal’s Color Correcting Drops because of their unique ability to instantly color correct, treat skin and blur flaws. The drops can be used alone or added to makeup or skincare products to help balance skin’s texture and tone for a smoother, more even and longer-lasting makeup application.  This collection boasts instant coverage and correction (as in your skin will improve) in 10 days! The drops come in a varied of shades, each with unique benefits:


  • Green: Green microalgae and pigments work to color correct and neutralize redness.
  • Apricot: Golden microalgae and pigments work to color correct and neutralize dark, discolored skin.
  • Blue: Blue microalgae and pigments work to color correct and neutralize sallow skin.
  • Pink: Red microalgae and pigments work to color correct and neutralize dull-looking skin.
Algenist Reveal Concealer, Foundation (both in shade medium) and Primer

Reveal Color Correcting Radiant Primer ($36) – The tinted primer incorporates AlgaCorrecting Complex, Alguronic Acid and Microalgae Oil to color correct, improve skin tone and prep for makeup. The tinted pigments combined with antioxidants and Vitamin E brighten skin and minimize pores creating the perfect smooth canvas. I really love this primer, you can see from the photo above the formula comes out white with golden capsules which break as you blend the formula (seen below) to created a tinted primer with skincare benefits.

Algenist Reveal Concealer, Foundation (both in shade medium) and Primer

Reveal Color Correcting Anti-Aging Serum Foundation SPF 15 ($48) – This lightweight liquid foundation offers buildable coverage, color corrects and conceals imperfections while AlgaCorrecting Complex evens out skin tone. The long-lasting semi-matte finish is available in six shades: fair, light, light/medium, medium, tan and deep. Swatched in the middle photo above this will give you medium to full coverage and can work in void of a concealer especially if used with custom drops and primer. I haven’t tried the brush it came with but prefer using my fingers to blend (don’t forget to shake the bottle before applying). The shade swatched above is medium.

Reveal 6-in-1 Color Correcting Concealer ($28, $25.75 on QVC) – The 6-in-1 concealer primes, brightens, treats, corrects color, provides coverage and fights aging. This is a thicker formula (the first swatch in the above picture) that offers very full coverage. Perfect for individuals with scarring, hyperpigmentation and acne, providing complete coverage while using AlgaCorrecting Complex to blur the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Granted you don’t need very much of this product, I found it a little small in comparison to the other products in the line. I’ve only used it a few times and feel like I’m already half way done with it. Available in three shades, light, medium and tan, the medium shade swatched above what’s in the photo above.