Make it like Mom #MomGenes

Photo: Shana Schnur Photography,LLC

It’s a major Throwback Thursday this week thanks to our friends at Galderma who invited us in for a total mom makeover recreating one of our favorite shots of our moms. As the global skin health and dermatology experts at Galderma know, our mother’s passes down a predisposition to age like them. But that’s rarely talked about. The point of the event was to spark a conversation around taking care of your skin and being proactive about anti-aging. Mainly, looking to our mothers and grandmothers — our genes for what’s in store for our futures. And what areas we should be addressing – crows feet, skin sagging or other areas of concerns. While we may all have access to the same skincare and treatments we do not so when it comes to our genes. Here are some interesting stats they put together:mom genes galderma infographic PM

The event also kicked off the Mom Genes campaign, encouraging woman to celebrate moms and the role of “mom genes” in their lives by posting a recreation of a favorite photo to their new website For every photo recreation uploaded, Galderma will donate $5 to National Charity League, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the mother-daughter relationship through hands-on volunteerism that promotes leadership development.  I encourage everyone to participate since it’s a whole lot of fun transforming yourself – and with Mother’s Day not too far off it makes a great framed gift!

{Making of my mom}


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