Check off your holiday to do list with TaskRabbit

taskrabbit-living-room-afterDuring the holidays, the struggle is real when it comes to staying organized and tackling my to do list. Online I may seem perfectly aesthetic, but in reality I have a million boxes to break down, tons of products everywhere and endless amount of press releases cluttering my life. With my travel schedule, there’s also usually a suitcase in the process of being packed or needing to be unpacked somewhere in my living room.

Enter TaskRabbit, the new love of my life. It’s a website that helps you get things done and check tasks off your to do list. Everything from cleaning, assembling furniture, to painting, personal assistant work, decorating, party planning, shopping, moving help; you name it and there’s probably a qualified tasker for the job. And it’s affordable! Pricing vary by tasker and assignment but generally ranges from $15-40/hour.

Meet Shannon M, Elite Tasker who took my apartment from messy
Meet Shannon M, Elite Tasker and excellent cleaner!

This week I got my sanity back when TaskRabbit sent me Shannon, “Elite Tasker” who helped organize my life. Or at least my living room. She broke down all of my boxes (bless her), cleaned my apartment (I’m talking down to the microwave and oven) and we divided and conquered the organizing.

By the end of the afternoon, the floors were shining, my products and papers found homes and the new shower curtain that has been sitting in a shopping bag for the past few months was finally hung. Shannon was punctual, easy-going and a complete professional. She’s also available for hire on Each Tasker has a unique profile so if you like your helper, you can re-hire them with ease. The ‘Elite Tasker’ title, which Shannon has is given to the highest rated Taskers who consistently provide the highest level of service and professionalism, she was the best!

If you’re looking to outsource some last minute errands or get some help around the house this holiday season TaskRabbit is offering $15 off any task between now and 1/15/2016 with promo code: CONNECT15.

Now for the embarrassing before and after pictures..

BEFORE: (The after shot is at the top of the post)






Happy tasking everyone! And special thank you to TaskRabbit for partnering with me on this post and letting me test out their services.