Current Avon Attractions…


I recently stopped by the Avon office for a holiday preview and finally got around to playing with their new launches and I have favorites! For starters their Makeup Design Palette is so impressive! It’s 21 eyeshadows, 6 lip glosses, 3 blushes and 1 bronzer for $21.99! The cheek products are nicely tinted (nothing crazy though) the lip glosses are decent and the eyeshadows steal the show. They are easy to apply and have great pigment. It’s a wonderful assortment of neutral and festive colors as well for the holiday. Perfect for travel, it was my go-to palette while I was in Miami.


I’ve also been using the New anti-aging Avon Anew Power Serum ($40, on sale $29.99) for the past three weeks and I really like the consistency. It’s one of those advanced formula’s that knows what your skin needs and detects damage and delivers maximized results (think Clinique Smart or Elizabeth Arden SuperStart). I haven’t seen much of a difference in my wrinkles but it absorbs beautifully and my skin feels hydrated and smooth. It also plays well with others, I’ve been adding a few drops of the CoverFX Infusion Drops for some added benefits and then finish off with a moisturizer.


Avon is know for their fragrances and they have a million fragrance sets for their top selling scents as well as a new fragrance for him and her called Attraction. There’s a male and female version and the idea is you wear it and it has a little something something in there to attract the opposite sex with. Maybe it’s the magnetic, woody fruit notes in hers or the musk and smoky wood combination (and ginger root!) in his but whatever it is get ready to get some attention when you walk into a room. Personally, the scent isn’t for me. It’s a bit more mature and girlier then I usually go for. avon-luck-fragranceIf I’m going for more feminine, I usually turn to their classic Luck fragrance. It smells how champagne makes me feel in the moment. It’s fresh with dazzling notes of Sparkling Citrus and luscious red berries blended with chite florals and warm sandalwood.