Accessories Council Top Picks for the Holiday

Wearing: Sheep Shades Sunglasses, The Third Piece Beanie and Christina Greene earrings

Every season I stop by the Accessories Council to see their top jewelry and accessory picks for the season. The #actoppicks (the hashtag you can follow for all the social remarks) event introduced so many cool new brands the most exciting being this awesome The Third Piece Beanie and Sheep Shades I haven’t taken off since. I’m also adding John Brevard to my wishlist, he has this Stella Thimble ring I’ve been dreaming of ever since! Here’s what they have on their radar:


Sheep Shades, John Brevard and GirlyGoGarter

I already mentioned Sheep Shades which I’m sporting the Naussau Skull model. And my obsession with John Brevard jewelry (you can see pictured below), I was checking out his site and he has a whole lifestyle section or furniture and art as well. Another interesting find was GirlyGoGarter (it’s the red lace garter pictured above). This is definitely coming to Miami with me for Art Basel. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a sundress or at a show and I don’t want to carry a bag! Now you can your phone, credit card, lipstick and any of those other essentials in your garter and go. Sexy and functional!

John Brevard jewelry

The Third Piece

If you follow me on instagram you know I’m clearly obsessed with my Kendall beanie (I wear it pretty much everyday). It’s so sturdy and they are created in Boston, MA, just like me:) The brand is all about yarn and knits and can be purchased on their site and


Christina Greene

Very artistic pieces set in a variety of stone options. I’m wearing the turquoise Stud Earrings above and I just love them. They add a really beautiful pop of color and are so polished and chic.

Christina Greene jewelry

Luca + Danni

Luca + Danni make stackable bracelets as well as necklaces that are all about positivity and embracing the journey of life. American-made in Rhode Island, you’ve seen them on my site before if not check out my stack HERE.



MR. is another brand I’m lusting after. I spent the better part of my morning checking out their website and their leather bag offerings are divine. Although likely out of my budget since you can find them at Intermix and Scoop.

Mr. handbags


It’s been a good year for Luxchilas bags, who made Oprah’s favorites list! Their metallic bags with fringe make me wish the sun was out and I was back at Coachella.


Dana Bronfman

Another cool jewelry brand, Dana Bronfman has me swooning over her hashtag necklace! Check out her site, there’s loads of cool stacking necklaces, I want it all.


Pluma Italia

As you may have guessed from the name, Pluma Italia is a handcrafted jewelry brand in Italy. Then offer really beautiful, bold statement pieces.

pluma-italia-preview pluma-italia

Marrin Costello

This is another very “me” brand. I’m into that whole gypsy warrior, crystal, music festival, cool girl look. Loads of great stacking jewelry, and they have body chains!

marrin-costelloGlass Handbags

Glass Handbags makes really interesting futuristic type bags. This metal clutch (it’s heavy) first off is metal! And second lights up when you open it. I was playing on their website and thought this Cubi Satchel bag was really cool!



ShawLux has a very cool assortment of scarves. AND they do custom printing — put a memory on a scarf! Super cool gift idea.



For anyone looking to jazz up their hat, wrist, bag or on the market for a new belt, this is a fun concept! Pictured below you get the gist of all that can be achieved with STYLESTRONG. From more ideas and to see their vast assortment of colors, check out their website.


Steve Madden

Lastly, I’m out of the Steve Madden loop but I got this really functional backpack that’s a great gift. Now who wants to take me hiking?